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    how to disable call waiting ???

    my Moto X4 doesn't seem to have a setting to disable call waiting, which I HATE. how can I turn it off? thanks
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    Please help with mirror casting to Roku TV

    I should be able to mirror cast my Moto X4 to my Roku TV I've read a few articles and watched a few youtube videos. you basically go into the phone settings, there is "cast" and the Roku TV should show up in there. it is not. nothing is in there except my son's Google Home speaker. i've...
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    Person I call can't hear me

    this is happening fairly often. I make a phone call and the person can't hear me. they get silence. I reboot the phone and then it works. does this happen to anyone else? what is causing it?
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    this just started a few days ago. every time i make a call, there is a little popup at the bottom of the screen that says CALL_STATE_OFFHOOK with some other mumbojumbo after that. what is that?????
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    Possible to use "OK Google" on bluetooth/car?

    My car is enabled for bluetooth. it seamlessly connects automatically whenever I enter the car and my bluetooth is enabled on my phone. it works great for making calls and listening to music. however there is one thing that doesn't seem to work - the OK Google feature, which is otherwise...
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    Help How to schedule text message in Andoid 9?

    Hello, I recently upgraded to Android 9. I can't seem to find the functionality to schedule the sending of a text message. I have been googling this for quite a while and all the places it tells me to look, it is not there. it seems as though they moved it or took it out and version 9?? Can...
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    Text notifications - sometimes a sound, sometimes not

    this is extremely annoying. i have a brand new phone motorola X4 on Google Fi I haven't messed with anything. I still have the original notification sounds, including the woman who says "Hello Moto" when someone calls me. I have found that when I get a text message, sometimes it just...
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    Should I install Pie ?

    My Moto X4 (google Fi) is only a month old and I'm still getting used to Oreo. I got a message from Motorola that there is an update for my phone and the info says it is for Pie (android 9). Maybe I should skip getting used to Oreo and just get the Pie. has anyone tried it on this phone ...
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    Brand new phone, no apps added, 17 GB memory used!?

    Is this normal? my brand new phone has 17GB of memory already used up. if I had the 32GB phone, that would be more than half, before I even install one app! Man i'm glad I selected the 64 GB model and paid the extra $50
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    Help Voice input not working

    Galaxy S5, Android 6.0.1 Suddenly I can not use voice input. In the texting app, i tap the mic icon and it says "initializing" for about 20 seconds and then it just goes back to the regular keyboard. I am using Gboard as the default keyboard. But even if I switch to the Swipe keyboard it also...
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    Help How to disable Ambient Display in Android 6.0.1?

    my screen comes on automatically all the time which results in many pocket calls and pocket texts. I need to disable this "feature!" I did some research and found it is called Ambient Display and it is supposed to be in Settings > Display but it is not there on my phone...
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    Help S5 won't charge! "The connected charger is incompatible...

    Hello, I've had my S5 for a while and it's been working fine. I charge it with various chargers, cords, and have never had a problem. All of the sudden it is not taking a charge. No matter what cord or charger I use, I get the message "The connected charger is incompatible with this phone...
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    sdXc memory card compatible with S5?

    I just bought a 64GB micro usb card for my mp3 player and found it wasn't compatible because it is SDXC instead of SDHC. Can I use it in my S5 instead? thanks
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    Camera delay on S5

    is it just me or is there a significant delay when you hit the picture button, before it takes a picture? And, it's hard to tell exactly when it takes the picture. there is a click sound that appears to be when the photo is taken. and then the screen freezes for a second or two, making you...
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    Help How can I stop auto-sync of my emails????

    Android 6.0.1 on a Galaxy S5. I don't want my phone to check my email regularly. I only want it to check when I say so. I have set all the settings to manual. Still, I get notifications that I have new emails. Why is it still checking when everything is set to manual?? How can I stop...
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    Headphones don't "click" in

    Hello I have a new S5. I had one before but it got stolen so I got the same phone. Brand new. I noticed on the new one, the headphones don't "click" and lock in when push the plug in the jack. usually you can feel a click and it takes a little effort to pull it out and "unclick" it. my old...
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    Help Phone was stolen. Where might my photos be on the cloud?

    My phone was stolen on a trip to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. someone suggested that my photos might be backed up automatically on the cloud somewhere. can anyone tell me where I might find the photos if they were backed up? I don't have another phone yet so I only have access to a...
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    Help Notifications are screwed up. Help me?!

    Hello something happened to my notifications and I can't fix it. can you help me? it's on the "lock" screen, the one that pops up when a new text arrives but the screen is off.... before I put in my password to get in. In the screenshot below, it used to show me something about the arriving...
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    Root Can i UNroot this tablet?

    my kids have a Galaxy Tab 2. their friend was over a few weeks ago and rooted it without asking. I didn't know/notice until just now. the device lost its ability to connect to Google servers, to go to the play store, use the youtube app, etc... I spent hours trying to fix it...
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    Help Can’t establish a reliable data connection to the server

    This is ridiculous! My son lost his access to the Play Store on his tablet. I tried everything and kept getting the message "Can’t establish a reliable connection to the server" I read many forums and articles and tried several things. Many said to check the date and time on the table...
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    Help HAAAALP! Son's tablet locked, can't remember password!

    My son recently changed the password on his Galaxy Tab 2 (android 4.2.2). Now he can't remember the password. I've read a dozen articles online and they all say that if you enter the wrong password enough times, you will have a "forgot password" prompt and then you can log in with your...
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    Help Can't download or play mp3 files from the web.

    I have mp3 files out there on the net. when I touch/click one with my android phone (ZTE Awe with Android 4.1) a popup appears and it looks like it is downloading a file. However after only one second (it should take longer) it says "download complete". Then when I try to play the file...
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    Looking for Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor that works on Android 4.1

    Hello i've been looking on Amazon and otherwise for a heart rate sensor/monitor that will work with my device (Android 4.1 on ZTW Awe) It seems most of them say 4.3 or higher. Does anyone know of one that works on my device? thanks
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    Call recorder app that works with this phone?

    I wanted to record a phone call. I have tried 6 different apps, all with 1,00,000+ downloads and 4+ reviews, but none of them work. They all record at very low volume, scratchy.... it starts out OK, it records the first two rings at normal volume and sound is OK, but then the recording volume...
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    Says Wifi is connected but I have no connection. :(

    Hello! so.... my son's tablet can't connect to the internet. it can see the wifi signal, and obtain an ip address, and the icon in the top bar shows it is connected. the little arrows light up in both directions however there is no real connection. any website i try gives an error...