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    Easy Notepad Notes app

    Hello all. I've emailed this website: https://applegend.net but haven't gotten a reply yet, however, I would like to transfer the files and content of their Easy Notepad Notes app on my old phone to my new phone. But even though I've done this half dozen times already, when I tried to use their...
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    Transfer PC Player Content to Android App Player Version

    Hello, all. I have an AIMP player on my Windows 10 PC and an AIMP player version on my Samsung android phone. Therefore, can I transfer or sync my AIM PC Player content to my newly installed AIM android app? I have a playlist on my AIM PC player and I would like to know if there's a way that I...
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    Help Slow and Lagging

    For about the last 6 months, my Samsung SM-A107M/DS has been running slow and lagging. Although, it wasn't like that when it was new. Plus, I've called Samsung customer service, but they have never been able to help me. Therefore, is there anyone here who may have some thoughts or solutions for...
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    Android Security Apps

    I've read conflicting views on whether or not security apps are needed on Android phones. Also I've gotten malware on my phone twice and had to do a factory reset twice and we all know how much fun doing a factory reset is. Therefore, is it possible that I could have gotten this malaware even if...
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    The Negative Zone

    Hello. I was at a restaurant yesterday evening and I was looking at my phone to see if I had any email offers for this restaurant. When I was through looking, I put my phone in my shirt pocket (and the screen may have been opened), but after I sat down and ate my meal, I looked at my phone and...