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  1. Little Green Robot

    Credit Card Case

    Does anybody know of a case that holds credit cards for the DNA? Something like this GS4 case or this iPhone case
  2. Little Green Robot

    We need this case for the DNA

    iExpander - an expansion device for your iPhone by Charlie Corry — Kickstarter It adds an microSD slot and an extended battery to the iPhone. Wouldn't this be perfect for the DNA?
  3. Little Green Robot

    "Android Forums" to "Phandroid"

    So I recently realized that the Android guy at the top now says "Phandroid" while in the Android Forums and links to the Phandroid homepage. It used to say "Android Forums" and link to the Android Forums main page. This is incredibly annoying. I am so used to clicking on the guy to go to the...
  4. Little Green Robot

    Help Problems! screen going crazy!

    So recently my bolt started acting up. Phantom touches, unresponsive sections of the screen and the "m","k","o", and "12#" key on the keyboard to not work. It just hits the keys on either side. Can anyone help?
  5. Little Green Robot

    Root For all those running rooted stock...

    For all those running rooted stock... It is time to upgrade to CM7. This is a great guide to walk you through it. It is a lot like using autonooter. It took me about the same time as it did to autonooter. And CM7 runs like a dream. So much smoother than stock, and more apps work right.
  6. Little Green Robot

    Nook Color charger buzzin and getting hot!

    Does anyone else's charger get hot when plugged in? Mine also makes a humming or buzzing sound almost like something inside is spinning.
  7. Little Green Robot

    Image not loading

    On both Chrome and Firefox, there is an image in the navigation area( the place that says what thread/ subforum you are looking at) that does not show up.
  8. Little Green Robot

    So now that the Xperia Play is coming to Verizon in March...

    Anybody who was previously set on a Thunderbolt thinking about getting a PlayStation phone instead?
  9. Little Green Robot

    Why did they not give the Bionic Webtop?

    Really Motorola what were you thinking? You announce a killer device with a dual core, 1 GB RAM and Webtop, and then you announce basically the same device but with half as much RAM and no webtop. The only thing the Bionic has that is better than the Atrix is 4G LTE.