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    Automatic delete camera folder once a day?

    Thanks man. Yes, Tasker and Macrodroid can do this, but they are to complicated and unreliable when they should run for months alone. But I found a solution. "Delete Old Files" app, can be found in ApkPure. You only input folder path to delete and number of days to keep the files. This wont...
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    Automatic delete camera folder once a day?

    I am searching for an app etc. which can delete the photos in the camera folder preferable at a given time once a day. (It's a remote camera setup to take one snapshot a day synced with Google Photo) I know there are several automation apps out there which can probably do this, but I would...
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    Samsung Internet Browser on Chromebook

    Samsung Browser is one of the best browsers I have used, but... In f.ex Chrome the shortcut ctrl-tab toggles between the open tabs in the browser. This also goes for Samsung browser, However if you deselect the "show tabs under the address line" this does not work anymore. Thats a pity, because...
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    Browsers and Ad blocking nonsense

    New to this forum I just want to ask if someone can explain something. I tried several browsers that advertise to block ads. But I've never been able to see any differences. Take f.ex. the latest Opera browsers. They say they have a built in adblocker. I have tested it against my usual Chrome...