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    Root Help, kindle won't boot

    I have a rooted kindle fire hd 7" I switched the Kindle Launcher from a system app to a user app in Titanium Backup Pro which caused the android to freeze. After powering off the Kindle it will no longer boot or make connection to the PC. It is stuck on the kindle fire screen. What do...
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    Help Facebook App MIA

    I'm trying to set up my new Transformer and I noticed the Facebook app is not installed. I searched the market for it and found over 7000 results but none that are actually Facebook. When I browse to Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More on the browser there is a link down the...
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    Need Icons?

    I just thought I'd pass this along to anyone else who is interested in changing their icons. I found a good site with a ton of free icons at Icon Archive - 27,600+ free icons, buddy icons, xp icons, vista icons, desktop icons, aim icons Simply save the icon to your phone and then use Better...
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    Screen Shot with Open Home

    I'm running Open Home on my Droid; trying to figure out how to take a screen shot. I have the option for Screen Shot under Menu > More > Screen Shot and it states that the screen shot is captured but I can't figure out where it actually writes the image to? Any help is appreciated.
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    Weather Widget - Donate Skins?

    Is it possible to preview the skins somehow before downloading and installing or do you have to go one by one installation to find one you like?
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    Static Background?

    Is there a way to set the background image as static so it doesn't span across each desktop? I'm using Open Home if it makes a difference..
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    Silent on Media Dock?

    Is there any way to default the sounds to silent while in the media dock? I'd like it to not update me on notifications like facebook updates and emails in the middle of the night.
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    Watch Movies on Droid?

    OK so I've read through the forum topic Put Videos on Droid I'm not sure if it was just too technical for me but I need a simple answer. Is there an easy way for me to download movies and watch them on my droid? Free or not, I'm looking for an iTunes like solution?
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    Paper Toss for Android?

    I found this game very addictive on my friends iPhone. Is there a Paper Toss available for Android? iPhone Apps - Paper Toss | Apptism