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    Asphalt 6 on ICS?

    Has anyone tried Asphalt 6 on ICS? It stopped working on my Acer A200 when I updated to ICS.
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    Help ICS Broke USB HD storage

    Since the update to ICS, when I try to browse my WD passport drive or play movies from the drive, my A200 crashes and I have to reboot. It still plays movies off the external SD card. The WD HD works fine with my A500 on honeycomb 3.2.1 so it is not the drive. Anyone else have this...
  3. K

    ICS broke Age of Wind 2

    Updated to 4.0 and Age of Wind 2 is not playable. The Splash screen doesn't display correctly - that's not a big problem in itself, but with Asphalt 6 getting stuck on the intro video, it suggests there is a change in ICS, maybe native resolution is different, I don't know. The in-game...
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    Help ICS broke Asphalt6 - factory reset to 3.2?

    It's been a while since 4.0 was released and with not too many complaints posted on the forum I thought it would be safe to update. First off I don't see much improvement with ICS, just cosmetic changes and some of those I'm not rapt about. But I did notice that Asphalt6 Adrenaline doesn't...
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    What's with NFS: Shift?

    I've got Need for Speed Shift on my A500 and it's a great game. It was installed with the OS by Acer so I can't delete it without root, not that I want to delete it (unlike Hero of Sparta). But when I go to the market to get it for my A200 it tells me "This item cannot be installed in your...
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    Modern Combat 2 doesn't work on A200

    Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus says it's compatible with A200 and will install, but when you go to download the additional files required it says your device is not compatible and you should get a refund. I bought it when it was $0.99 so I didn't bother with the refund and installed it my...
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    Adobe DRM no longer sucks - ebook reader issues

    Apparently there's a limit to how many times you can activate your Adobe DRM ID - who knew? Now when I try to sign in it tells me too many activations! The trouble is Adobe assumes that a device only has one reader, (like a kindle). Even though they say you only have to activate your device...
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    Free Office app

    Came across Kingsoft Office. It's free and it's pretty slick. https://market.android.com/details?id=cn.wps.moffice_eng I already bought Think free Office and Kingsoft is much better, for one thing it's got word wrap Update: While first impression was good, the spreadsheet is almost useless...