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  1. mitch92

    Oppo phone bottom notification stuck

    Hi. I have an oppo 52 android phone. The bottom notification saying homescreen layout, stays there for about 2 minutes making it hard to write a message or anything. Is this a bug and is it possible to remove this feature? Thank you
  2. mitch92

    Black spots everywhere on camera

    Hi, Could anyone please tell me what to use to try and clean all the black spots of the camera lens... its pretty bad as per the photo
  3. mitch92

    after a simple app for commercial use (feedback)

    Hi, Could anyone please tell me if there are apps at there that can have a text box so people can write there review in the tablet and have name,number ect. Just have a hotel and wanting to get feedback so I have a samsung tablet at the front and if they want to they can put a message in for a...