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    Root Rom Comparison

    Can someone that has extensively used each of the more popular ROMS list the differences, and possibly the pros and the cons of each? I'm currently running Epic Experience and chose that over Quantum for the moment due to not being able to select a ringtone without the app freezing, then...
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    Help Lock screen question

    So I took my phone to the local store today to be updated and they failed. They bricked my phone plus apparently 2 others before they gave up. They gave me a new moment plus a $50 credit, but I have a question about this new phone. When waking my old phone, I only had to press menu to unlock it...
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    Help hardware keyboard predictive text question

    When using the hardware keyboard, sometimes I get predictive text options on-screen, then sometimes I don't. Is this due to lag or is free a button u have to push to get it to come up? Thanks, Andrew
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    Help SMS Lag

    Does anyone else experience SERIOUS lag while recieving SMS? My phone will literally freeze for anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute while it processes an incoming SMS. The problem is terribly worse if I am recieving multiple messages simultaneously. I am currently using Handcent SMS(NEW) with...