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    Help Sound problem I noticed wearing bluetooth headset

    I was at the gym today and noticed that sound seemed to randomly fluctuate on volume levels, even in the same song. I am not 100% certain whether it was caused by something or just random, but I wasn't getting any notifications rings (and thus lowering the volume of the background music). I saw...
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    Using a steinheil crystal from Droid X for my SGN

    So these things come with two. Had one spare from last year and decided to see how well it fit. It covers the screen at least, but there's a lot of bubble/space that won't go down mostly, on the right side. The bubbles only slightly intrudes the screen, but in general, the protector creates a...
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    I couldn't sleep ;_;

    I don't know if it was this or something else... I didn't feel my anticipation was that high for this phone, I don't think I even thought about it prior to trying to sleep. But I was just lying in bed for hours. I really hate it when I don't get sleep and I was just lying in bed for basically 5...
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    Buy at VZW or Radioshack?

    So i'm upgrading a line and am wondering if there will be extra BS fees like activation fees if I go to radioshack rather than VZW?
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    Help Droid X is the worst smartphone I have owned.

    Granted, I have only owned 3. The Droid X has really been too much of a hassle for me, it might just have been my phone, I don't know, but this has been my experience. First smartphone was the iPhone 3G. That lasted me about 3 years. Simple and did what I needed it to do, mostly web browsing...
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    Help What's wrong with my Droid X?

    I have a couple of issues with my Droid X that I want to express my concerns about. Any help is appreciated and I searched but couldn't find, but if there are posts like this, redirect me to them. Battery: It's not really great. It would be fully charged, then I spend time on it for like 10...
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    Help Wifi on the Droid X?

    Anybody having issues with the Droid X's wifi? I tried connecting it to my router through N. My router was basically on auto settings 11bgn mixed, auto channel width, and auto security. But this basically gives me no internet connection at all on my Droid X. The Droid X simply switches over to...
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    Wifi on the Droid X?

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    Any potential dangers of giving out my ESN?

    Just wondering since I am selling a phone and people ask for it. ESN = MEID right?
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    Help Switched from Dinc to DX. Issues

    So, I switched to the Droid X after a ton of hassle, but I'm not impressed. How can I compare the two to really show me how the Droid X is truly better? There are a couple of things that are nice, like the camera settings, bigger screen.... umm? Hardware, I haven't really compared...
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    Droid Incredible Flawless 2months old w/ Seidio Innocase II and SGP Crystal Clear protector.

    Selling my Droid Incredible as I bought the Droid X. HTC Sense, some programs, the touch buttons and optical trackpad, are all hard to let go, but I have to. It's in mint condition, no damage at all. The crystal clear protector has a scratch that's only noticeable on a white background, but...
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    Droid X $400

    PM me.
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    Droid X -> Incredible switchers

    Posting here since it'll get more views and hopefully a higher chance for me to get a Droid X from the people who return their DX's for Dincs. I have a 2mo old Dinc (june 12th) and long story short I was in a powerless position when I tried to return my phone. I was lied to, uninformed, and...
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    Droid Incredible with AMOLED for Droid X or Droid 2

    Long story short, I got screwed by best buy, verizon, and my cousin. I could not return my incredible to get the Droid X. So, I'm looking to trade my incredible for a Droid X or Droid 2. I would prefer the Droid X over the Droid 2, but at this point, I just want a different phone than my cousin...
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    Got shafted by best buy, verizon, and my cousin. What do I do?

    I bought a droid incredible on June 12th under my cousin's account. 2 Days later he did a change of liability without informing me about it. He just told me my warranty was dead. I was okay with that, except I wasn't told my 30 days was dead. I was planning to return my droid incredible to...
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    I think i'm SOL on getting a droid x

    Bought an incredible on june at best buy. Couple of days later, the account owner did a certificate of liability change. Without informing me, this voided my 30 days with verizon. I tried to return the phone before the 30 days to best buy, but when they called vzw, that's when I found out my...
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    Droid Incredible for Droid X

    Simple as that. If you bought a Droid X and don't like it, I'll trade the Incredible for it. I live in San Diego for the locals. Don't need spammers in here, if you don't like it don't post. If you do, PM.
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    New 32GB SanDisk MicroSDHC Card w/ adapters

    1) SanDisk 32GB MicroSDHC Class 2 2) New 3) 100$ paypal. USPS shipping.
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    Help What class is the 16gb microsd card?

    Just wondering if it's class 2 or 4
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    What class is the 16gb microsd card?

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    Not going to get my Droid X tomorrow

    I changed my work schedule so I didn't have to work tomorrow but I'd have to go in to work on Saturday. I expected to be able to grab mine on July 15th. My story: I bought an incredible on June 12th from Best Buy. I created a new line on an individual plan and made it a family plan. Someone...
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    Accessories Anyone interested in a Seidio Innocase II Black for the Droid Incredible?

    I've had this sitting in my drawer for a while now. Used it for about a week but returned my droid incredible in order to get the Droid X. I've had it for about 3 weeks, but not used that long. Case is still fine and looks and works new. So, if you want to save some money from buying new, I'm...
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    Seidio Innocase II for Droid Incredible (Black) - Used for 1 week

    I'm going to be returning my droid incredible for a droid X, so I have no use for this case anymore. Comes with the original box and everything and is pretty much brand new. Asking for 15$ shipped, costs about 30$ new.
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    What do I do!!??!

    Best Buy just called me and said that there was a droid incredible available. I ordered through vzw about 3 days ago. Don't know what to do?? Cancel my order through vzw and buy through Best buy or wait more than 2 weeks for my phone?!? Btw, the billing cycle would overlap twice for me with my...
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    Individual plan mergers?

    Although I missed the stock that went up today because I ordered it through verizon yesterday, I want to know if this is possible to merge plans so that I just buy through Amazon for 100$ cheaper (50$ off and no tax). I'm currently ordering one and adding a line to my cousin's individual plan...