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    Testing app on a real phone

    Hi all. I am working on an app in android studio. I decided to try testing it on my real smartphone, a samsung galaxy s20. It installed and ran ok. During this testing I made a few changes to the code and ran it again, and again, and again. When I was done I discovered that I had about 6 of the...
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    Uris from the filepicker

    Hi all, Newbie here. I am working on an app that involves picking a mp3 file , saving its Uri to a database, and then later selecting the file from the database and playing it with the mediaPlayer. This is all similar to creating a playlist from the music stored on the device. In this regard I...
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    Launching the MediaPlayer

    I have tried about 30 or more code snippets to launch the media player and play a mp3 file selected by the content uri. None have worked. They keep getting me tangled up in permissions or other errors. Some don’t even error, just nothing happens. Does anyone have some code to do this that...
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    Open file dialog

    Hi all, I have been trying for 3 days to create some code (button click) that will allow me to select a mp3 file from the media library and copy it to another directory within the app structure. I have sought assistance from 2 ai sources but have but have gotten all tangled up in permissions and...
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    Need help with RecyclerView

    Hi everyone. I am still trying to build a database app with a RecyclerView. I have followed a tutorial from here: The app runs, creates the database, and saves records. Note that the name is the primary key so you cannot save duplicate names. My problem with this is the same as the first app I...
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    Problem with APK file

    Please ignore this post. The problem seems to have gone away. but I can’t find a way to delete it. Noobie here. I installed Android Studio flamingo and followed a couple of tutorials on youtube. My latest effort involves experimenting with the Recyclerview. I have tried running it on a couple...
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    Where’s the music

    Thanks Mike. Can you show me the full path to that folder?
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    Where’s the music

    Is there a default location where music files are normally stored in the android file structure? If yes, where is the library? Thanks
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    Setting up a RecyclerView

    Noobie here. I am working on my first app using a Recyclerview. I have an Adapter (SongsAdapter) to make it work. This is my code for the Adapter> package com.example.musiclyrics; import android.content.Context; import android.database.Cursor; import android.view.LayoutInflater; import...
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    Trying to setup mySQL

    Hi, total newbee here. I have installed android studio and followed a couple of simple lesson projects. Now I want to move up to a database project. I installed the current java connector for mySQL along with the workbench. Using the workbench I was able to construct a database and tables with...