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    [Verizon] Google Wallet cannot update anymore

    Apparently there was another update to Google Wallet to version 1.5-R79-v5 but it states "your device isn't compatible with this version" do we have to side load the update from now on?
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    [Verizon] Jelly Bean 4.1 boot animation .zip

    Does anyone have the .zip for the jelly bean boot animation? Just flashed the new AOKP Build 1 but I'm missing the default boot animation even after i disable the AOKP one.
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    [Verizon] Media and Downloads folder not detected

    The folders are present on the phone when i use root explorer to see whats on my SD card but the problems occurs when i go into the gallery and my downloads folder is no longer present. Same goes for the media folder where i have custom ringtones. They were working perfectly before i flashed a...
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    [Verizon] Task Manager / Task Killer for ICS

    Is it necessary to have a task manager for ICS. I know that a task killer like ATK isn't needed anymore since Gingerbread but what about Watch Dog task manager. I've used it and it helped me out but recently i uninstalled it to see what the phone can do without it and it seems fine. What do you...
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    Galaxy Nexus i515 pogo pin desktop dock

    Is it just me or has Samsung forgotten about the LTE i515 3 pin pogo dock. Haven't been able to find it on Amazon
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    [Verizon] Undervolting on Franco Kernel [Undervolting Help]

    I have been wondering what mV values are best to maximize battery life using Franco Kernel Milestone 2 on AOKP M4 running Interactive govner at max 1200 and min 384 CPU I changed my default settings to: 1228MHz/1125mV 1036MHz/1075mV 729MHz/800mV 384MHz/700mV I understand that...
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    [Verizon] Phone Won't Mount as a USB drive when connected to the computer

    I have no idea what's going on, this never happened to me before until now on my galaxy nexus. When the phone is connected to the computer the phone doesn't automatically mount the storage and enter USB debugging mode. Any suggestions guys? I'm currently running AOKP M3 (was planning on flashing...
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    [Verizon] Google Wallet Re-provision of the prepaid card.

    Is anyone able to use their Google Wallet prepaid card again? I know they turned it off but i read that they updated it and you are now able to use it again. I have the LTE Galaxy Nexus .apk from a while back and i used the process to be able to install it straight from the market through the...
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    [Verizon] LeanKernel vs. FrancoKernel which for better battery life?

    Between lean kernel and Franco kernel which do you guys prefer for better batter life? I've always used lean kernel and it was always good to me. I'm currently running AOKP Milestone 3
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    [Verizon] Verizon's Leaked 4.0.4 OTA Update

    Android 4.0.4 for Verizon Galaxy Nexus leaks with bugfixes and speed improvements | The Verge
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    [Verizon] Google Wallet and 4.0.3

    Is anyone having a problem using Google Wallet on ICS 4.0.3 based ROMS? I've used wallet on my rooted phone on stock with a custom kernel and it worked flawlessly. When I flashed AKOP it didn't work at all. When I switch back to my rooted stock 4.0.2 backup it works but lags at times. My...
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    [Verizon] Why is it necessary to flash gapps?

    Just wondering why most roms require you to flash gapps? I don't remember ever having to flash them on my thunderbolt and everything was fine. Is the app package tweaked for the new roms?
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    [Verizon] gapps talk icon

    anyone know how to change the icon from it being rectangular to rounded like in stock. as well as the notification icon perhaps
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    Galaxy Nexus Docks

    Anyone else wondering when these docks will be released?
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    [Verizon] Stock 4.0.3 ROM

    what stock 4.0.3 ROM is everyone using?
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    [Verizon] Fully Rooted with Superuser but doesn't enter CWR

    Fully Rooted with SU permissions but phone doesn't enter CWM. I also get this error where the android logo has its chest open and it has a red hazard symbol. The only time i seem to be able to enter recovery is when i go through the unlock and root process again. Anyone able to help me out? and...
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    [Verizon] Root using one step method

    Fully Rooted with SU permissions but phone doesn't enter CWM
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    Help Incognito mode in the browser

    I remember there was mention that the browser was going to have incognito mode at the presentation back in october. Where is this feature, maybe im overlooking it.
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    Help Google Chrome bookmarks sync

    Has anyone been able to get their chrome browser bookmarks synced with the browser? Every time Google syncs it has an error for bookmarks. I read the known problems sticky but it wasn't listed.
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    Help Battery stops charging once it hits 100% then starts discharging when plugged

    The battery stops charging once it reaches 100% then starts discharging as if it's no longer plugged in. The farthest i seen it discharge is to 98%. The battery symbol at the top shows the lighting bolt and minimalistic text shows neither discharging or charging. Anyone know if this is a known...
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    HaxSync - ICS Facebook Sync

    HaxSync - ICS Facebook Sync https://market.android.com/details?id=org.mots.haxsync&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsIm9yZy5tb3RzLmhheHN5bmMiXQ.. allows for high res contact photos as wells as other Facebook information such as status updates for only $.99
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    Verizon LTE Sim card size

    Will it be normal size like the thunderbolt or the new micro sim cards? One leak showed it saying "requires $30 a month data plan with 4glte micro sim card" just wondering if this is true or not
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    No facebook syncing of contacts and landscape mode gone?

    I've noticed in several reviews that you can't sync your facebook contacts on the galaxy nexus and also that landscape view is gone like in the home-screen for example. In the earlier reviews i saw when you tilted the screen on the home-screen it would auto rotate but i dont see that anymore.
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    Pogo Pins and Docks

    Anyone find this weird. The Pogo Pins are located on the right side of the device but in the Google/Samsung keynote the phone was docked on it's left side. I came across this article for support. Find the error: Position for the PINs of the Galaxy Nexus docking station not yet conclusive
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    Root Nook app for android and PDF

    is there a way to read pdf files that you downloaded on the nook app for android for instance a free pdf of a book you find on the internet