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    how can I copy the screen icons and folders from one old phone to another new phone ?

    Hello. Every time I've change my phone I've the same problem. At the new phone I recover the configuration and app's from the cloud backup of the old phone. That's right, but I can't recover the screen icons and folders of the old phone to be equal at the new phone. Is there an app or xiaomi...
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    Apps simon says android java game

    I'm a beginner on java and android, and now I'm trying to program the "simon says" game to learn this language, but this doesn't works fine. :-( The first and most important problem: When I try to show the sequence of colors [number 1 to 4] stored in the array seq[] with the method...
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    share eclipse workspace into dropbox between two computers

    Hello. First of all... Happy New Year ! I'm new using eclipse and android sdk. I Would like to know if it is possible to share the eclipse workspace folder into dropbox to share an eclipse project between 2 computers? And working with him on both computers but never at same time...
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    app to remote control android to android (like a mirror)

    Hello. I wonder if there is any application that can use my phone as a remote control to other android device... like a tablet connected to TV or other android device connected to TV... like the android WOXTER tv ? In other words, who what me to do with my Mobile Android is done...