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  1. MotoTurbo

    Root Sense6 or moving to aosp

    Anybody here really like the sense6 ui or jumping on the AOSP bandwagon? Me personally already made the switch to aosp well until a Google play edition ROM becomes less laggy (rlly ocd about lag) so I can make use of this camera!
  2. MotoTurbo

    Root Question regarding launchers and resent app switcher

    Before I used exposed to get the aosp style recent app switcher I noticed that if you switched launchers you could never clear then from your memory and they would never show up in recent apps. But with the aosp style recent apps they show up there. Is there something different about what shows...
  3. MotoTurbo

    Root Help getting adb to work for s off?

    Hey guys I have the Verizon version and am trying to obtain s off. I have already got root with weaksauce and now trying to use Firewater. The problem is my device doesn't show up in adb. I have installed the HTC sync manager to get the drivers and have usb debugging enabled but it still won't...
  4. MotoTurbo

    Polaris office 5

    Anybody notice that the m8 comes with Polaris office 5 but you can only find and launch it through Google now? Extremely annoying
  5. MotoTurbo

    Just bought a silver HTC m8 one!

    Well just bought a silver M8. And it should be here today. I was thinking of exchanging it to the Verizon store for the flagship grey one. Never really liked whitetish phones but that's coming from white Iphones way too white. And I feel there distracting from the screen. What do you guys thing...
  6. MotoTurbo

    Root RAZR m rooted(factory data reset)

    Hey im new here. Just switched from iphone to droid and Was wondering if i FDR my phone would it mess up the root or phone in any way? Thxx