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    Moving on in Life.

    So, I am getting the Fascinate tomorrow and would just like to say thanks to the Velocity team, Stormdroid team, and Bionic man. You have made the Ally a pleasurable experience. I hope that you will get better at deving and keep making the Ally the beast it was meant to be. Amen. :D
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    DINC 2 or Thunderbolt?

    So, I am gonna buy a phone off ebay, xda, craigslist, or here since im still on contract.but I don't know which phone to get.I like to root and customize my phone. What do you recommend and why. feel free to add more phones to the list.
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    iPad 2 vs Asus eee pad transformer?

    Which should i get? Im looking for 1 with a better gpu and battery life. The price doesnt matter for me. Im just a heavy gamer.
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    Smartphones vs Tablets

    Which do YOU prefer and why? And which Smartphone/Tablet would you buy according to what you prefer.
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    Should I get the nook color?

    What I really want is something that is powerful. And has smooth web browsing. Im a hardcore gamer and was looking to get the gtablet cause of the dual core processor. Ima root it anyways so I guess some great Dev support would be nice? I don't care about screen size.
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    Need your advice...

    Ok, so i got my Ally w/ a 2 yr contract not knowing whats what with android and such. Didnt know what specs were. So i had my ally since last July. I have basically 10 months to go thru. (The other 2 im gonna be in S. Korea so i didnt count those). My monthly allowance is $10. Used to be 40 but...
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    Moto Droid vs Htc Incredible Vs Lg Ally Which 1? Jw. I might buy a new phone off craigslist. Kinda getting bored of my ally. Too slow. Even with oc, i face lag.
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    Root Question

    Can anyone post a stock froyo rom with root? Thanks in advance..:D
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    Root Recommendations?

    I need a recommendation for a launcher. Something thats quick and simple. Nothing to complicated. Ive been using lpp and getting tired of it. something that doesnt lag and have icons and widgets reload all the time. Any ideas?.
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    Root Does oc kill battery faster?

    Well, does it? I searched around a bit and was having many different opinions. Can help?
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    Root Herro Devs, i have a ?

    As you know, gingerbread has been out for a while. But now i am confused. I have read in a post that gb only supports 1ghz+ processers. Does this mean that you guys cant port gb over? Sorry if im being irratating.
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    Galaxy S2 Questionaire

    1.Who is gonna get this phone when it comes out? 2.What do you think will be the carrier of this phone? 3.What do you think the specs are? 4.Cost?
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    Root Thank you devs.

    Thank you for all the hard work. You do so much for so little(free). You helped make the LG Ally better for me and for many others. Dont listen to the bad comments at you. Its not your fault. Some people just dont understand that what you do for us is because you want to. So once again thank you...
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    What might be out next yr at CES? Any clues?

    Or is to early in the year? I get my next upgrade in March 2012 and wondering what i should get. Will 5G or Quad core be out by next yr?
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    Thunderbolts been blown back!

    With all these dual core 4g phones, does the Thunderbolt stand a chance on Verizon. Hopefully it has something up its sleeve to make it last. LG Revolution(Verizon version of Optimus 2X), Motorola Droid Bionic and more that i dont remember seems like it'll get the most attention. No offense or...
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    Froyo on Ally

    Why is LG putting off FroYo for the Ally. It's not worst phone on running Android. So why? Our amazing, awesome devs already cooked up a Froyo rom and its good. Is LG not smart or something?
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    What i hate about phones.

    I hate phones, but i love them at the same time. Everytime i buy a phone, a month later a new, better one comes out. That just makes me regret buying the phone and makes me complain. Doesnt it?
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    Introduction bout me

    My name is Jin. I'm 13. Just got my LG Ally a few months back. I have been looking in your forum since a while back. My ally is rooted thnks to SuperOneClickRoot. I would love to be included in beta stuff, except that I don't anything about codes etc. Yeah. I love this website btw.