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  1. wrath_00

    Root New ROM.

    I have ported AOKP to the kindle fire HD 7. If anyone is interested I can create a post. Its fully functional as far as i can tell. I dont have a hdmi cable to test to see if it works and has double tap to wake implemented. Using galaxy s4 theme. .
  2. wrath_00

    Root Cricket HTC One V

    For those interested in a MMS fix for Slimbean I created a page on xda q&a page. If there's enough cricket users here interested I'll write one here also. Just let me know.
  3. wrath_00

    Help Stock recovery?

    Anyone have a stock recovery zip? Want to sell my elite and place it back to stock. I have no access to a pc at this point.
  4. wrath_00

    Question Is the One V worth getting?

    I'm thinking about getting the One V. Is there any signal issues with this phone? I'm leaving the Optimus Elite due to signal issues always stuck in 2g or fluctuating 3g or no signal. A known problem with the phone. And want a good solid phone. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in...
  5. wrath_00

    Root In need of a stock recovery image.

    Need stock recovery. Anyone know where I can get it at that's phone download friendly?
  6. wrath_00

    Root Velocity Question.

    Is it possible to port Velocity to a Sprint or Virgin Mobile phone? Maybe to an Optimus? I had an ally and loved the stability of this rom. And if it is possible could someone point me in the right direction to do it?
  7. wrath_00

    Root Velocity question.

    I was curious what it would take to port Velocity to a phone say the optimus s or optimus v? Is it even possible? I asked in those threads and got no answer. Figured I would ask here since Velocity is an Ally rom.
  8. wrath_00

    Root Rom Porting.

    Has anyone thought of porting Velocity Rom to the Optimus V? Is it even possible? Anyone know???
  9. wrath_00

    Root Recovery question

    I have read that Optimus s roms work on the v. Can the s recovery work on the v? If so do I use the recovery guide for the s or do I have to do something different?
  10. wrath_00

    Lg optimus rooting problems

    FIXED!!!!! 3/16/ 11. I tried all methods and can't seem to root my phone. I tried downgrading and that didn't work. Am I missing something? Any help would be appreciated. I have the zvd update
  11. wrath_00

    Help Sprint Sanyo Zio ROM?

    SOLVED Anyone have a Zio rom for Sprint? Any help would be appreciated thanx getting rid of this worthless phone so no help needed now. For sure the worst phone out one the market.
  12. wrath_00

    Root velocity over 2.2

    heres what happened. i accidently opened velocity over my 2.2. im stuck in a boot loop with no backup. is there anyway i can fix this or do i have to take the phone to verizon? its an lg ally. any info would greatly be appreciated. thanx