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  1. cooper1010

    Help Video Call options on the HTC EVO 4G LTE

    Maybe I haven't been paying attention, but what are our options with this phone and video calls? I know they pushed Qik on us with the og evo, but that stunk. What's the latest to compete/keep up with facetime?
  2. cooper1010

    Help Google Wallet - Setup/Discussion

    Check out Mastercard's Paypass site. Will tell you where you can magically use your new phone at a business near you. I was surprised how many were near me (mostly gas stations and stuff)
  3. cooper1010

    Evo on Oprah

    anybody see it? I was at my inlaws and saw her using an HTC phone, but couldn't tell which one it was (only saw the top). but then i heard her say something about Sprint 4G. somebody fill in the blanks.