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  1. FullGrownNut

    Help Google Play Apps will NOT Update!

    As of a couple of days ago, I can not get my Google Play apps to update anymore. What happens is that if you select to Update one app or Update All, it starts the process like it's going to update, and then just stops. Then if you click on Update again, absolutely nothing happens. If you...
  2. FullGrownNut

    Notifications Only on Wake Screen

    I've had my HTC U11 with Android (8.0) for almost 14 months now, and I'm very on top of my phone's notifications. I'm fully aware of how the Battery Optimization feature works, and I know how to exclude individual apps from this feature if I don't want them being optimized/suppressed when the...
  3. FullGrownNut

    MightyText Chrome Extension (no more pop-ups)

    I use an Android app called MightyText which synchronizes my app notifications and also my phone's text messages to my Chrome browser (which is an extension for it). I have been using it for over a year now, and totally rely upon it to see my phone's notifications while I'm on the computer, and...
  4. FullGrownNut

    Revoke/Unrevoke Access Twitter App - Now Blocked Out

    I was having issues receiving Twitter notifications, so after doing a Google search, one resolution was go into your Twitter settings via web > Apps > Revoke/Unrevoke Access to the Android Twitter app. I never thought that this would totally block me out from logging in via my Twitter...
  5. FullGrownNut

    Current Apps Not Syncing w/Online Google Play Account

    I Hope someone can help with this issue. I have more than one Google Account syncing to my new HTC One phone (which I've had for about three weeks now). I had a previous Android device before this one, which I had the same Google Accounts synced to. When I'm logged into EITHER ONE of the...
  6. FullGrownNut

    Mass Storage Mode Only (2.3.5)

    Am I missing something with 2.3.5 when it comes to turning on the USB Connection setting to USB Mass Storage Only? I can't locate the settings anymore for it. Any suggestions? Thank you. FGN