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  1. Newbie999

    No Voicemail Visual Notification appears Redmi 7a

    Hi, I switched phone companies, Ive put in a new 'Sim' everything works fine, but im NOT getting a Visual 'Icon' at top of 'Home' screen , to tell me there is a Voicemail waiting for me .. I used to get a small, '2 circles, with a line through' type icon, .. but i now do NOT get ANY...
  2. Newbie999

    STOP , the 'Battery Low Warning' that pops up ???

    Hi, HTC One M8, Android 5.0.1 How do i STOP :thinking: , the 'Battery Low Warning' that pops up ??? it keeps appearing at 15% downwards ..ITS DRIVING ME NUTS !!! .... I set in Power, to 5% ( Which is lowest ) I do NOT want any 'Battery Low' Notification to pop up .. How can i disable it...
  3. Newbie999

    MailDroid, How can i free up space, URGENT

    How do i free up space, as its taking up 300mb, my phone is FULL, i cant find the maildroid folder ..i have deleted photos etc,but i need to Free up space URGENTLY, as phone has warning message, and wont function properly .. Maildroid takes up most space of any app, even tho ive deleted emails...