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  1. eipee73

    Root Combining ROMs

    Just wondering if it's possible to combine features of 2 separate ROMs into 1 and if so how. What I would like to do is take the bottom menu bar from Soab (sense 3.5) and put it into Eternity 3.5. Not sure how plausible this really is...if anyone even knows what file that menu bar is I'm...
  2. eipee73

    Needed: Thunderbolt Testimonials

    All, I'm not due for my upgrade until 12/28 and am thinking about scoring a TB w/ext battery from craigslist to hold me over until I'm ready to use my NE2. What I would like is some general feedback from everyday TB users. I hate reading "reviews" on VZW and PhoneArena because they're...
  3. eipee73

    Incredible 2 v. Thunderbolt

    Just an opinion question here. I need to get a phone to replace my original Droid Incredible for a few months while I wait on my upgrade (and a bit more cash). Any thoughts on which phone I should try to pick up second-hand? I realize that the TB is 4G which is great, but how is the...
  4. eipee73

    Help LED Flashlight

    I know this has probably been gone over before, but I'm still looking for an LED Flashlight for the HTC Incredible. Any word on if there is one or if there is one in the works? I'd prefer to not root my phone. Thanks in advance.
  5. eipee73

    Watch out if you drop your phone...

    Just wanted to throw a little something out here about an experience I had over the weekend: **Please note my phone does not have a case or screen protector** I will say that officially if the phone lands on a corner it will be okay. I accidentally tested this when I had a bit too much to...
  6. eipee73

    Dropping your Incredible

    Hey guys and girls, I have been one of the lucky ones that is yet to drop their phone. I noticed multiple threads about dropping the phone and having a shattered screen. Could you please add your experience to this thread so we can get a good idea about dropping the phone? I'd like to think...
  7. eipee73

    General Request for Incredible Community Members

    Ladies and Gents, **This is a simple request from another user in this community who has been around since Nov. when we were talking about the Incredible in the HTC Passion thread** As we all know, the **Official HTC Incredible Thread** was a lot of fun with much useless (yet entertaining)...
  8. eipee73

    Upgrading my Handset

    If there are any VZW employees hanging out here I could really use some insight. I'm eligible for a discounted phone on 5/12/2010. I would like to get the HTC Droid Incredible, but I would like to be able to order it so it arrives at my house on my upgrade date. Is this possible or do I have...
  9. eipee73

    Suggestion for Search Functionality

    Hey, not sure how possible this is, but I think it would be extremely helpful if you could search by number of thanks on a post. I've been living in the HTC Incredible thread for months now (and I'm sure you guys know) it's pretty darn hard to keep up with. I would find it to be convenient to...
  10. eipee73

    April Fools Jokes

    All, I figured I'd open a thread for April Fools jokes since it is that day. Feel free to post links to April Fools Jokes that are out on the web today: Motorola RAZR with an actual razor coming to all carriers? (Phone Arena News) Or stories of your own!
  11. eipee73


    Hey guys, I'm Matt from Pittsburgh. Currently sporting a BlackBerry Tour, looking to get into the Android market with the N1 or HTC Incredible as I already have Verizon. I've been around the forums for a while, but figured I'd formally introduce myself. P.S. If you have an Eris and are...
  12. eipee73

    Nexus One: Thoughts and Persuasion

    Currently I am rocking a BlackBerry Tour with Verizon...this is an Android forum...that means I need help. I'm looking to move into an Android phone and the Nexus One looks like it may be the phone for me, but I was hoping to get some thoughts and persuasion from the current Nexus One owners...
  13. eipee73

    Haptic Feedback

    I currently am a Verizon user anxiously waiting on the Nexus One to hit my network, but I had a question for users that currently have the phone. Is it possible to turn off the haptic feedback and how do you do that? I used to have an LG Versa and the haptic feedback drove me absolutely crazy...