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    just received them

    wow this phone is so nice!!! we just received them not too long ago and it looks awesome!!! it's not too big either and i thought since it was made out of plastic it will feel cheap but not at all!! when i inserted the battery it felt good in ur hand and Super AMOLED is unbelievable!!! u gotta...
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    Handcent SMS: Better than any messaging application

    i have been using this handcent sms for about 6 months now and i wasn't sure if i should go with chomp sms or handcent sms but after using both for couple weeks (switching back and forth) i decided to go with handcent sms because it was easier and faster than chomp sms for some strange reason...
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    Samsung t949 supersonic!!!

    i just got a confirmation from Samsung rep (i work for t-mobile) u know how we saw t949 on FCC site??? well guess what!!! they are coming out with 2 different version!! one with the keyboard (galaxy s pro) and w/o keyboard (galaxy s) and it's going to be called Samsung t949 (supersonic) i am...
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    I guess T-Mobile is getting one also???

    i guess T-Mobile is getting something similar or exactly the same phone as Galaxy S??? T959??? what do you guys think??? i hope it is... but according to the rumor aren't we suppose to get the Galaxy S Pro????? hmm confusing.... but it will be very lovely if we get the Galaxy S also... what do u...
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    Y At&T??

    i think it's a huge mistake by Samsung that they are going to release this wonderful phone with AT&T look at the ugly Motorola Backflip.... it sucks!!! i rather get Motorola Cliq instead but i think Android phones doesn't go well with AT&T i was really hoping T-Mobile to get this amazing phone...
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    Speakerphone problem with galaxy rom?

    does anyone know how to fix the speakerphone for bh2 with the galaxy rom??? i flashed mine 6 times already tried to update 1 over and over and over still not working right it turns on sometimes with very very low volume... and sometimes it won't just turn on at all.... i have been asking people...
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    how do you install htc keyboard to mytouch with 1.6 donut

    i already have the file to install but does not know how to install this i currently have the stock 1.6 mytouch 3g can anybody help me with this? thank you
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    how do you install original dialer?

    does anybody know how to install the original android dialer by anychance? i already rooted the phone i removed the stupid samsung messaging apk and installed the original messaging apk but what about the dialer?? i don't like the dialer either thank you
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    how to change the messaging ui

    is there anyway you can remove this stupid samsung messaging ui? this is getting on my nerves!!! it's too darn slow!!! does anybody know how to install the original android software to the behold 2?? this phone might have been lot better than mytouch if it had the original android os like the...