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  1. Smoothkaos

    I've never seen or had this problem before but its bad

    So I've been running Touched by S4 ever since I bought my phone a couple of months ago and besides my search button doing the phantom press thing when I'm in a bad signal area it's been running great. This weekend something strange happened and now my phone won't boot up. Weird thing is, I...
  2. Smoothkaos

    Voicemail icon problem

    For some reason my voicemail icon on the status bar won't clear after I delete a voicemail. I don't know if an apk controls that or not but perhaps I inadvertently uninstalled it when removing bloat but I can't for the life of me get it to go away unless I force close the dialer in the app...
  3. Smoothkaos

    Rooted Boost GS2 needing CWM only

    Disregard. MOD please delete this thread
  4. Smoothkaos

    What is your favorite browser?

    I've literally used EVERY browser ever mentioned and probably even a couple nobody's even heard of that aren't available anymore. I've seen multiple polls on respective ROM threads mentioning which browser to use for the ROM but thought a thread would be nice to post our favorite browsers as...
  5. Smoothkaos

    Root [Boost Mobile] Why are these things in my phones root?

    I've noticed that the following files are in my phone's root, i.e. " / " minus the quotes (no, not the system which would be /system) and don't know why but would like to even if they're supposed to be. I was on the phone talking with StarScream when I noticed and he didn't realize they were...
  6. Smoothkaos

    Root [Boost Mobile] "Sticky Checkboxes/Toggles" fix found!

    Calling all dev's, I now know what causes sticky checkboxes and toggles. For all I know somebody already found the fix but as many of you know I have ALWAYS had this problem and some others have as well and I finally found the time to go through and cross reference all of the build.props and...
  7. Smoothkaos

    Root [Boost Mobile] A little thread dedicated to thanking StarScream2109

    I just spoke with our dear friend StarScream2109 on the phone and in all honesty it broke my heart to hear how things are going for him when I asked him. I know that this forum is specifically for Warp-All Things Root but I feel that this is very prudent to the essence of the forum because...
  8. Smoothkaos

    Root [Boost Mobile] Thread dedicated to thank n0ve

    Well, I see that n0ve gave a shout out to mrbobo here awhile back. That said I think n0ve deserves a big thank you as well because he offers to help people all of the time and actually spent an hour helping me on teamviewer and aim in getting cwm to take. Ran his own batch and everything...