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  1. drksilenc

    lag in games.

    ok guys i have been thinkin alot about the fps issue and i think part of the problem with games like lets golf and the lot of games. they actually do an install to your sd card for the bulk of the software. so if your using the stock card that may be the issue because i dont get the studdering...
  2. drksilenc


    how to buy there games for the evo. i keep getting no payment method available
  3. drksilenc

    evo 4g 10$ fee rebuttal

    Verizon looking at non-unlimited plans for 4G data, will use LTE for voice by 2012 -- Engadget yea ill keep the 10$ fee
  4. drksilenc


    so what all are you doing on evo day once you get the beast
  5. drksilenc

    dock that ships with product?

    ok guys i dont know if im hearing this right or not but at 40 seconds in does he say a dock that ships wiht the evo? http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2010/05/14/sprint-evo-phone-reviewed/
  6. drksilenc

    evo 4g accessories at release or later

    i wonder if the local sprint store will have a good stock of evo accessories on hand for the release of the evo? i hope so cause the day i get my evo is the day i want my dock aswell as a minihdmi adaptor
  7. drksilenc

    bakabt ddos

    hey guys i just wanted to spread the work of a teenage jerk ddosing another community site for anime BakaBT: How to save an Internet community | Facebook he got banned for being immature so hes throwing a hissy
  8. drksilenc

    The HTC EVO 4G off-topic Banter thread

    ok guys this is the place where we can talk about random stuff about the evo and not get ts and the other mods steamed again i alrdy oked it with ts and bill so we can talk all the bs about the evo over here and keep the offical one about hardcore fact... plz no one post any oczar guide posts in...
  9. drksilenc

    The HTC EVO 4G unoffical Banter thread

  10. drksilenc


    Ok ive been thinking about something for a while now and i just wanted to bring it to the table. Ok with the advent of froyo you will eliminate alot of fragmentation. the problem is will all the phones out to date be able to support froyo. we have phones that are fairly old like the g1...
  11. drksilenc

    new server plox

    this inability to keep stability is needing a new server... obiously new server or better server is required
  12. drksilenc

    what 4g can do for me.

    show off at lan parties and make friends that have the ifhony feel sad that they cant use my tethering because its all for me. stream anime while im doing housework remote into other peoples pc's and repair them with a decent internet connection while on the road from my cellphone