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  1. Kreatur3

    Root [Boost Mobile] Internal storage issue (after ota)

    So I like flashing roms, a lot, and I have this issue over and over again since taking the update. I can flash roms all day no problem but when I restore my stock image I always end up with being unable to write to my internal storage. So far the only fix I have found has been to Odin flash...
  2. Kreatur3

    Root [Boost Mobile] Time zone issue

    So I flashed MIUI and was messing around with settings, apns and other such things to get my mms, 4g and stuff working. All of it was working but noticed my clock was an hour off. Went in and it said my time zone (Pacific) is - 7 which is wrong. It's supposed to be - 8. Anyway went back to my...
  3. Kreatur3

    Root [Q] recovery flashing through phone

    Is it possible to flash the recovery while on the phone with this phone? I know you can with an app or terminal emulator on others. I haven't seen anything for this one. TIA
  4. Kreatur3

    Streaming trouble.

    Over the past few months I've had trouble streaming Pandora or YouTube over data connection. Works fine over wifi. Once in a great while Pandora will actually work and YouTube never does. Has anyone else had this issue?
  5. Kreatur3

    Root Request: ics rom link

    Hey guys. My backup for ics somehow became corrupted. I know that jmz had a rom for ics but all the links are bad now. Does anybody have a copy or a link to a good one? Thank you. :-) Sent from my C525c using Tapatalk 2
  6. Kreatur3

    Root Evo info move to another Evo?

    I have one evo that is on boost with a broken usb port, blah, and another practically brand new evo. Is there an "easy" way to backup all of the communication information on one and move it to the other or do I have to go through the whole process on the new evo for getting it on boost? Thanks...