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    Notifications and music control on lockscreen?

    I dont know that anyone will be able to answer this as of now, but I'm sure someone will once tomorrow comes around. I was wondering if the Epic lockscreen shows any indications of unread items (particular SMS text messages)? Also, if music is being played, does it show music controls on the...
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    Unlock "U.S. Cellular" Desire to be used on "Sprint"?

    We know that both U.S. Cellular and Sprint are CDMA. Also, Sprint and U.S. Cellular have a 1xRTT data and voice roaming agreement. Is there any potential in unlocking a U.S. Cellular Desire to be usable on Sprint?
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    Do you leave wi-fi on?

    Sorry, one more poll I wanted to make... hope you dont mind. Do you leave your wi-fi on? I am contemplating leaving wi-fi on and running to automatically connect to known wi-fi connections when I am in it's area, but am afraid of the toll it will take on battery life...
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    [Poll] How many of you use Automatic Brightness?

    I have been using the Hero with automatic brightness disabled for quite sometime, simply beause I've found that it doesn't do a good job of putting the screen at a brightness I am satisfied with. But I am thinking about enabling it...
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    Can someone explain the "nightly" Froyo ROM?

    So I am deeply considering switching over the a Froyo ROM, and I have heard of these "nightly" Froyo ROMs that are supposed to be very good. First of all: IS THE NIGHTLY THE BEST FROYO ROM? If not, what Froyo ROM that is known to be the most stable? Second, how does the nightly updating...
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    I just want a standard 1Ghz, 3.7+ inch, non 4G Android phone... EVERYONE has 'em but SPRINT!

    Verizon: Droid Incredible, Droid X, Droid2, Samsung Fascinate (coming) T-mobile: Nexus One, Samsung Vibrant At&t: Samsung Captivate, iPhone (not android, but what the hay) Sprint... NONE! I just want a standard 1Ghz, 3.7+ inch, NON 4G Android phone. With Sprint, it seems like: either...
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    Is there ANY way to have SMS notifications be IN SYNC?

    Does anyone know any way to have SMS sound, vibration, LED blink, and screen-on (if you have an app like SmsAwake awake installed like I do) to come on IN SYNC? Every time I get a text message, they are always not in sync, and it bothers me. For exampe, phone would vibrate, then 5 seconds later...
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    Could increasing settings on MinFreeManager be a culprit for battery drain?

    I think I understand how MinFreeManager works, but not exactly. I recently increased the settings on MinFreeManager (from default to aggressive) along with some other minor changes on my phone, and noticed faster battery drain. Could the settings change I performed on MinFreeManager be a reason...
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    Any way to have weather auto-update, but not Google contacts?

    If you go to menu > settings > accounts & sync, there is a checkbox for Auto-sync. This seems like the only way to have the weather on the flipclock widget auto update. However, I do NOT want Google contacts to be auto-updated... I dont use Google contacts, all my contacts are Phone contacts...
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    Am I correct on this assumption I have about Nandroid backups?

    If I backup a copy of a particular Nandroid backup file onto my computer, and get a replacement Hero, can I root it and load that same Nandroid backup file to get it exactly as it was on the previous Hero?
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    Any way to NOT lag while typing in native "Messages" app?

    So I've tried everything...root, custom ROM, overclock, removing Sprint bloatware. But no matter what I do, I can't get rid of the typing lag in the native SenseUI "Messages" app. Has ANYONE found a way to type fast and furiously without any lag in the Messages app? PLEASE SHARE! I've tried...
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    Wi-fi Tether app keeps kicking in and out?

    I am using nfinite's stock deodexed ROM, and when I use the wi-fi tether app, it keeps dropping the signal randomly. It just kicks in and out whenever it wants to. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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    How to remove unnecessary Sprint apps?

    So I've tried to do a search on this, but I've only been able to find either threads from 2009 way before the 2.1 update, or threads that did not completely answer my question. How do I remove unnecessary Sprint/HTC apps? And also, what are the apps that are safe to remove?
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    Not able to give apps root access?

    So I've rooted my Hero, flashed a custom ROM, flashed a custom kernel, and then I downloaded some root-requiring apps (namely setCPU and Wifi Tether). However, whenever I open these apps, they do not ask me for Superuser Permissions! For example, when I open setCPU, it says "No root access...
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    Flashing extra features on top of a custom ROM...

    So I have rooted my Hero and installed nfinitefx45's stock ROM. Also, I flashed the JIT included in nfinitefx45's ROM thread and also the "Darchstar's Overclocked Undervolted kernel for senseUI roms vUV 2" 710 MHz kernel. I will be flashing a custom lockscreen soon as well. My question is, how...
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    Odex vs. deodex?

    Hello. So I am still in the process of deciding whether to root or not, and I came across a question. I am not too familiar with the difference between odex and deodex. From what I was able to gather, deodex allows themes/customization while odex does not. But exactly what falls under that...
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    Do you leave your wi-fi constantly on?

    Do you just turn it on when you know you're in a wi-fi area, or do you leave it on and let it auto-connect when it is in a wi-fi area?
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    I am a root noob, here's what I wonna do: help anyone?

    So I have the latest 2.1 firmware installed on my Hero with the latest anti-root update (unfortunately). I am fed up with the lag and slowness of my phone and want to do something about it. Well I dont know ANYTHING about root, I need some help. Basically, I want to keep the stock 2.1 Sense...
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    Help Music controls on lockscreen?

    Are there music controls on the lockscreen like there is on HTC Sense devices? Also, is there an option to show SMS previews on the homescreen like the iPhone/HTC Sense devices do?
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    Horrible keyboar lag in the stock MESSAGES app... solution?

    No matter what I do, I cannot get rid of the terrible keyboard lag in the Messages app. It's almost unusable! I can barely even text. I've tried everything... messing with the keyboard settings, etc, and nothing gets rid of the lag. Does ANYONE have a solution? If not, does ANYONE know of a...
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    Keyboard lag when typing inside native Messages app (2.1, no root)?

    Can someone do a favor for me: open the stock Messages app, open up one of your ALREADY EXISTING threads (dont click "new message"), and try to type really fast. Is there keyboard lag? For me, there is a lot of keyboard lag. It's so slow that, sometimes the autocorrect box does not pop up in...
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    Current deals for switching from Hero to EVO?

    I was wondering if anyone knew about what deals will be available for Hero users that want to switch to the Evo? Is there any way switch to the Evo without further extending the length of your current contract? Do you have to start paying an additional monthly fee due to the fact that the Evo is...
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    Keyboard lag in the stock Messages App (2.1)?

    Hi, I have Android 2.1 update running on my Hero, and there is terrible keyboard lag in the stock Messages app for SMS. Am I the only one? Is there a known way to fix this?
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    Leaked 2.1 makes Hero LAGGIER than before?

    So at first, I thought the new 2.1 leak would make the phone faster, and honestly I could not tell for a while if it really did. But today, I've noticed that it has made the phone SLOWER.... ESPECIALLY while listening to music. 1.5 handled music ok (not well, just ok) but 2.1 makes the phone...
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    Someone please confirm this bug with the new leaked ROM: Audible Selection

    From the homescreen, go to: menu > settings > sound & display > audible section with this option checked, the phone will make a "click" sound whenever tapping on an icon. Everything worked well with 1.5, but now with this leak, the click is very soft and I can barely hear it! Even if I...