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  1. t1jordan

    VZW Themes Changer

    Does anybody have the thread on how to add the theme changer on the VZW model using the Any shortcut application? I must have deleted it. Thanks in advance.
  2. t1jordan

    [Sprint] Recovery Mode

    I have the Sprint G Nexus. I was rooted when I took the OTA 4.2.1 update. After update I'm still rooted and my device is working correctly. I'm still rooted because I have a super user app and my pad lock is unlocked. The problem is I have no recovery to flash another ROM. Any ideas?
  3. t1jordan


    What are some good games for my Nexus 7?
  4. t1jordan

    [Sprint] widget

    Where can I find the Motorola clock widget?
  5. t1jordan

    [Sprint] Baked Blackbean 6

    Is the Baked Blackbean-6 Rom out yet? The website says so but there is no link for the Rom. Only 2345 show up.
  6. t1jordan

    [Sprint] Back to jelly bean

    I am currently running baked_tororplus_blackbean-4. Its a great ROM, but I would like to go back to stock. I watched this video How to Unroot / Unbrick the Sprint Galaxy Nexus - Latest - YouTube on how to unroot or unbrick your Sprint GNexus. I am new at rooting. This method is not working for...
  7. t1jordan

    google now

    Does your Google now lag? I get initializing most of the time. I'm stock JB Sprint. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?
  8. t1jordan

    Extended Battery

    I am looking for a extended battery for my Sprint Gnexus. Can anyone recommend one that does not make the phone look bigger. I read about the Verizon version but you have to make adjustments for the back cover to fit. (Samsung ETC-I515BBGSTA Verizon Galaxy Nexus Extended Battery Bundle - Retail...
  9. t1jordan

    Best Case or Holster

    I am looking for a case or some type of holster for my Sprint Gnexus. If you can post pics or recommend a specific product I would appreciate it. I have been looking thru Amazon for about a week.
  10. t1jordan

    Wallpaper Change

    I have the Sprint Version of GNexus, My wallpaper is changing on its own sometimes. Has anyone experienced this?
  11. t1jordan

    Help Frequently Called list

    How can you delete the frequently call list ? :confused:?
  12. t1jordan

    Help Error Codes

    Hey guys I wanted to reach out to the forums and see if I could get some answers. I am receiving a error code when sending out sms messages sometimes example: CAUSE CODE: 64 ERROR CLASS:2 I also unlock my Evo at times and I will see a error code 104. Ecample: Data call failure unable to...
  13. t1jordan

    Go Launcher vs Launcher Pro PLus

    I catch myself being undecided about which home replacement to stick with. What are your thoughts?
  14. t1jordan

    ADW Launcher EX

    Has anyone tried the ADW LAUNCHER EX version on the Evo? How do you feel about it? Is it better than Launcher Pro or Go Launcher? Should you we just stick with Sense? Also is it worth the money?
  15. t1jordan

    Blockbuster on Evo

    Has anyone tried the Blockbuster app on the Evo yet?
  16. t1jordan

    New Marketplace payment issue

    I have downloaded 2 paid apps to check out. I only had these apps downloaded for less than 10 minutes, trying to avoid the new 15 minute marker. When I uninstall the apps, I get a message saying I can't receive a refund. When I check my bank account the 2 apps are pending but, have not been...
  17. t1jordan

    [APP] Go sms

    I found this app today and I wanted to share it with you guys. I think its excellent. It does have a Iphone look but, its clean looking and faster than Handcent and Chomp in my opinion. And it's easy to use. It is not overwhelmed with settings.
  18. t1jordan


    Is there a app for Tagged.com?
  19. t1jordan

    Help Email widget with Sense

    I have two email accounts on my Evo not counting Gmail. From time to time when using the email widget it shows my accounts together, seeing emails in the wrong account. Sometimes I also notice that my email account will disappear on the widget, and It will ask to choose another default email...
  20. t1jordan

    What do you suggest?

    Which app do you prefer? 1. Catch 2. Evernote
  21. t1jordan


    What is the best app on the Market that will allow you to receive a fax on your phone?
  22. t1jordan

    Video on my Evo

    Is there a way to edit video on the Evo or some app we can download?
  23. t1jordan

    Root Evo Update

    New EVO Official Update Out and Rooted | xda-developers
  24. t1jordan

    Ringtone for Email?

    I have added my work email to my Evo. Is there a way to add a seperate ringtone for my email notifications.
  25. t1jordan

    Help Micro SDHC card and my Evo

    I have a SanDisk 16GB Micro SDHC memory card. I have been using this card for about two years now. I will admit, I do download a lot of live wallpapers and launchers from the internet. But recently I haven't downloaded anything. Maybe in about two weeks. I was using the phone as normal Saturday...