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  1. pm5544

    Facebook issue

    Anyone having an issue with the latest Facebook app logging in and flashing screen, deleting cache etc helps for a short period but issue returns. My solution is that you search for version 128 and install,  this should resolve this issue until Facebook fix it. To do this you will...
  2. pm5544

    This Forum on Tapatalk

    Is this forum no longer available via the Tapatalk app?
  3. pm5544

    Help .Uploading

    Today I uploaded a picture on 23snaps then later when I was looking in my album app that shows all pics and videos I noticed that there were two broken / failed images, then in a folder in internal memory I noticed a folder called .Uploading of which I've since deleted, I also deleted the two...
  4. pm5544

    WhatsApp images

    I sent a picture I took with the phones camera to someone using WhatsApp, I also sent it to a WhatsApp group that contains the same person that I'd sent it to individually, my question is will that person who I'd sent it to individually be downloading it again or because they have it previously...
  5. pm5544

    Moving or Copying files

    Is it recommended when either moving or copying within the phones file manager or from laptop to show hidden files, or is it wise to have hidden files not to show and just copy or cut the file to your int or ext storage?
  6. pm5544

    Help Spammed Posting Report.

    Tried reporting some spam posts and I receive a message at the bottom of screen which says Need Valid Topic ID, so unsure if the report has gone through.
  7. pm5544

    Help 64GB MicroSD for Sony Xperia Z1C

    I'm looking to expand my phone SDCard memory from 32 to 64GB, and I would like help in picking the fastest and reliable data transfer and also is it best to pick a Sony brand of card?
  8. pm5544

    Kitkat 4.4.4 to Lollipop 242

    Thinking about upgrading to Lollipop and looking for advice whether I should or shouldn't?
  9. pm5544

    Facebook Notification Badge Issue.

    Usually when I have a new notification it first shows up as a small circle badge top right corner of the Facebook icon either on homescreen or app screen, but since the last two updates this has stopped, so now I have to go in manually to check if there's been any notifications, most times there...
  10. pm5544

    Opening tif files

    Anyone recommend the best free tif image viewer on google playstore?
  11. pm5544

    Stamina Mode Question

    I currently have stamina mode enabled but I receive BBC News notifications even though they haven't been whitelisted. Are these particular notifications treated differently? Yes, I am aware I can switch them off in the app itself but just curious why they still get through even though they...
  12. pm5544

    32 Micro SD cards compatibility

    Are 32gb Micro SD cards compatible with Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 onwards?
  13. pm5544

    Android Questions

    Can someone show me where the section is for Android Questions? I have a question that relates to how WiFi connects when out and about. Everytime I see a WiFi connection it always asks me to sign in to their website, and until I do this I'm not really connected even though the phone said I am...
  14. pm5544

    Facebook Links & Stock Browser

    Using my Facebook App and Android Stock Browser on JellyBean 4.1.2, and when I tap on a news story using the Facebook App that has a link on it and once it opens on my stock browser when I close the browser and then close Facebook app, then when I go to open the Stock browser it loads with the...
  15. pm5544

    Help Data Saving

    If you have loads of memo entries etc on various apps that you've written and saved for some time, is there a way of saving this so you can take it with you for a new phone?
  16. pm5544

    Help Question Regarding Outside Picture Taking.

    If I take a photo with my phones (Samsung Galaxy Ace 2) camera while outside of someone who is say a metre away but the background is bright, I find that the face of the person in the photo is really dark, and this is even when the flash has been used. Is there an option in settings I should be...
  17. pm5544

    High Speed MicroSDHC Card Question

    I have a Dual Core 800Mhz smartphone with HD Video Record and Playback. I download my videos to the External SD card, but have occasional issues with mp4 videos that sometimes lag, this can happen also with videos that are on the device memory, but as my majority of videos are on the External...
  18. pm5544

    Best smartphone for video playback

    Love to know which smartphone and spec is the best right now for playing mp4 videos etc? I ask as I am finding that my Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 with Jellybean 4.1.2 no matter which player I use I have freezing and stuttering video playback which happens about 70% of the time. I have even tried...
  19. pm5544

    Video Playing Issues

    Sorry, forgot I had posted about this previously, can it be merged here please? http://androidforums.com/showthread.php?p=6579871 What could be the cause of when I play a video mp4 whether it be on external sd card or not the video quite often starts to stutter and I often have to reboot the...
  20. pm5544

    Google Talkback

    Never seen this before in my Google Play Store apps until tonight, surprised as i've never used it and thankfully dont need to, however the only option was to update it, so I have since disabled it. Why though did it appear tonight on my notification bar for an update as the last update was...
  21. pm5544

    Clean Master

    Does anyone use the Clean Master app from Cheetah mobile formerly ksmobile ? If so can you explain what actually happens when the fix is clicked that relates to an SMS vulnerability as this shows up as soon as the app is opened.
  22. pm5544

    Stock Video Player version 1.1

    When I attempt to play a video mp4 from either my USB storage sdcard0 or externalsdcard it frequently stutters and occasionally freezes and often a reboot is required. Any reason why this is happening? I have cleared data on the player but that hasn't helped. I have tried the mxplayer and it...
  23. pm5544

    Set Home Directory

    What difference if any occurs if you change the home directory from sdcard0 to the external sd card?
  24. pm5544

    Inserting Image Issues

    When I use the app and attach an image all I see is a broken picture box but if I click on this it opens if I choose to open it in the phones stock browser. Why cant I see my own inserted image in the post I made using the Android Forums Application? version
  25. pm5544

    Google Play Music App

    Why does this app remain in RAM when not in use? Android doesn't clear it after awhile like it does when you hit home after using the stock browser.