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  1. dwappo7851

    Root Ok, now I'm mad.

    so here's what happened. It's been a month or so that I have been running the Gangnam style rom, and everything has been running smooth and nice, had everything personalized, wallpapers, all that good stuff. Today, I wake up, check mail and prepare to reboot (because I heard that it can help...
  2. dwappo7851

    Kernel Tuner Undervolting

    Are there any suggestions as to what settings should be set for this option? So far, (and I'm on anthrax 3.0.5 BTW if that makes any difference) I have just set the undervolt to 1 less than what it was (so it's at 800000 now, it was 812000,not too sure what that means, that's why I just tried...
  3. dwappo7851

    Help weird call bug

    ok so I have just re flashed harmonia 3 (couldn't handle no mms), and everything is going well, except that sometimes when people are calling me (me calling them is fine) and I answer, there's no sound from them. Then after they hang up, (I assume) I get a voice mail, like it ignored me picking...
  4. dwappo7851

    Root JB roms - headphone jack doesn't work?

    So I'm on the latest (I believe) Evervol ROM, and I love everything on it, but the headphones do not work at all. I tried my headset type headphones and normal headphones, and neither work. Any suggestions?
  5. dwappo7851

    Apps to send/receive mms

    For those of us on roms with no mms support yet, is there any apps or something that wil allow us to send, or at least receive mms messages?
  6. dwappo7851

    Root Evervol ROM?

    Who is supporting / developing this Jellybean rom? I love it so far, just wanted to know if there was any "more" to it and who was messing with it. Thanks :3
  7. dwappo7851

    Root Work around for using wii remotes on the evo v?

    I know it's a Since (however it's spelled) issue, but is there a work around so that we can use these with the phone? (rom, changing files, etc?)
  8. dwappo7851

    Hello dwappo here!

    Hey there guys, just introducing myself. I'm dwappo, and i've lurked around the xda/android central forums (and is currently a forum mod on a popular gaming website xD). I'm also a computer technician ^^, so I'll be around trying to help folks. Nice to meet you all :D.