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  1. crazydog

    How many of you are coming from the Incredible?

    Like many of you, last spring I was eager to get the Nexus One on Verizon, and went with the Incredible when it was announced to be on Verizon instead of the Nexus One. Ive seen many people in this forum, including myself planning on getting the Galaxy Nexus to replace their Incredible...
  2. crazydog

    Help Cant re add exchange account - duplicate username

    I had to remove and re add my Exchange email account today, but when I try to re add the account, I get an error meepssage that states that my user name is already being used by the account I deleted. Rebooting didn't help. Any thoughts?
  3. crazydog

    Help Defective screen?

    So I just got my Xoom today, and I've only had it out of the box and powered on for an hour and fifty minutes. I noticed then when I put a little pressure on the screen (as if I'm tapping something), I get a distortion in a specific spot on the screen. Most LCDs will do this if you put too much...
  4. crazydog

    My Costco Xoom order shipped earlier tonight!

    Just checked Costco.com, and my Xoom has left Tualatin Oregon at 9:20pm pacific time. Shipping two days early? Awesome. My estimated arrival to Flagstaff, AZ is Wednesday the 30th (three business days, and one day before Costco's original estimated shipping date, I might add)...can't wait.
  5. crazydog

    Accessories Wall Charger suggestions

    Hey guys: I'm looking for a second wall charger for my phone. I've been trying to use my old blackberry charger with micro USB adapters, but they all keep breaking. Any suggestions on a cheap, but functional charger?
  6. crazydog

    Replacement video camera app?

    So, IIRC, the Incredible *can* record better quality audio than what the built in video camera app can record, but so far I haven't seen any replacement video cameras that take advantage of that. Is there one that I haven't seen yet?
  7. crazydog

    Swype now available for all!

    Don't have access to Swype yet? All you have to do now is register and download it! No waiting! Swype | Text Input for Screens Grab it before they change their mind! :P
  8. crazydog

    Help Phone crashed while updating apps, now some apps won't install.

    The other day I was updating a group of Apps, and my phone decided to crash while it was updating (yay?). After booting, I tried to update them again, but I kept getting "Installation unsuccessful" messages. I've tried so many things - uninstalling + redownloading doesn't work, restoring...
  9. crazydog

    Virtuous 3.1 - November OTA - Charging rate

    So I was told here http://androidforums.com/htc-incredible/223394-battery-ridiculous.html#post1909046 That the November OTA restored the Eclair charging rate on this phone. I also read that v3.1 of Virtuous has an early leak of this OTA on the phone, but I'm still experiencing 20%/hour charges...
  10. crazydog

    Help How does the phone know when I wake up?

    Ok, so there's been something I've noticed about this phone, but I always thought it was some kind of strange coincidence. Anyway, let's say I get a few emails before I wake up. My phone will not notify me. As soon as I get out of bed and walk around for a minute, all my notifications will...
  11. crazydog

    Info for a potential buyer

    Hey everyone. My brother's up for a contract renewal, and of course, I'm pushing him onto the Android bandwagon. I took him to the Verizon store to look at the current offerings, and he seems to like the Droid X. I have the incredible, and he says it's too small for him, so I thought the Droid...
  12. crazydog

    Desired HD Source code released...new Sense on Virtuous soon?

    HTC Desire HD Source Code Released. | Android Phone Fans I'm assuming this means a less buggy version of the new Sense, and also that it might show up on Virtuous soon.... I'm probably being too optimistic. :P
  13. crazydog

    Help Submit buttons are unstyled in browser

    I'm having a very strange problem with 'submit' inputs on my browser. First, I'm running Virtuous. Here's the problem: Submit buttons on my phone are unstyled. I just see the text. It doesn't break their function, but it's been bothering me. Here's a screenshot: The word "Submit"...
  14. crazydog

    Help Charging woes

    Most people have the issue with Froyo where the phone takes a long time to charge, right? Well, this thread isn't really about that. What I'VE noticed is that if I turn my phone off for about 5 minutes, it will seem to charge EXTREMELY fast. I've had it plugged in to the wall for about 50...
  15. crazydog

    How do YOU comment on applications?

    I'm an Android app developer (ish), and I have made some interesting observations while looking at comments on my own, and mostly other apps. A good group of people will throw in a one star rating with the following comment (or very similar): "Doesn't work on [INSERT MODEL HERE]" The main...
  16. crazydog

    Do you know what 'LaundryView' is?

    If you answered "yes" to that question, and the next few questions, then I have an opportunity for you! :P 1) Do you know how, and are able to install non-market Android apps? 2) Do you know how, and are able to take screenshots on your phone? 3) Do you know how to view the source of a webpage...
  17. crazydog

    Root SetCPU 2.0.2 works with Froyo!

    SetCPU didn't work for me until today's update, so disregard this if it worked for everyone else! :P Anyway, after updating SetCPU today, I can disable my Perflock, and SetCPU works just fine with the stock kernels on the leaked Froyo ROM. Enjoy!
  18. crazydog

    Root Video recording audio glitch with leaked Froyo?

    Neeever mind. It was just VLC having trouble...
  19. crazydog

    Root Removing boot animation completely?

    I've been searching around for this a lot, and I can't seem to find any related information. Is it possible to completely remove the boot animation? I'd have to assume the phone would boot faster, and anyway, I don't need all these flashy things and sounds playing when I turn on my phone. :P I...
  20. crazydog

    Help Internal clock set wrong?

    I just noticed that files on my SD card have their timestamps set 7 hours in the future (and yes I am in a GMT -7 time zone). Anyone know how to fix this?
  21. crazydog

    Root No more grounding flaw with leaked Froyo ROM?

    So, I just realized that for the past 30 minutes or so, I had my phone sitting on my comforter while I was tweaking it after installing the leaked Froyo ROM, and it was working! Before I installed this ROM, my phone would NEVER work while sitting on my comforter without touching a finger to the...
  22. crazydog

    Another new keyboard option (soon): BlindType

    With all the talk of SwiftKey and Swype and whatnot, I thought I'd show you guys this new contender. It's not out yet, but it looks pretty promising. BlindType - Touch typing the way it should be Thoughts?
  23. crazydog

    Root WiFi tether DHCP server no worky?

    So I'm trying to use Wireless tether for the first time, but none of my devices seem to be able to pull an IP address and such from DHCP....they're all just getting 169 addresses. I only have two WiFi devices to test this on (laptop running windows 7 + iPhone), and they both have the same...