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  1. dragonbro

    For Sale : $250.00 : Motorola Razr 16GB & Accessories

    Buy | Sell | Trade ..For Sale . Device/Item(s) ..Motorola Razr 16GB & Accessories . Price ..$220.00 . Shipping Included? ..No . Payment Options ..Paypal . Condition ..Great: Device in great shape and all original included items . Extra Included Items ..32GB SD card, wall charger, genuine...
  2. dragonbro

    No Data After OTA Update?

    I noticed after I ran the OTA update this morning I lost all data connectivity. Check Settings> Data Manager > make sure Data enabled box is checked! Not sure why it disabled it, but glad it was something simple :)
  3. dragonbro

    Root SBF'd back to Froyo.....where is Gingerbread?

    So I jacked my Droid X all up and figured I would SBF back to froyo because I couldn't get the .602 to work properly....came up with corrupt code prompt? So I want to go with the OTA updates before I root again, but I'm not getting the notifications for GB update?? Where is the stock OTA...
  4. dragonbro

    Help Xfinity TV app

    I had Xfinity TV app running on my phone prior to GB, now it says it is not compatible with Droid X. Anyone know how to get it back in the Droid X running rooted .596?
  5. dragonbro

    Help Powers on by itself?

    Having an issue of my Droid X, deodexed GB .596 no rom/theme, powering on by itself. Every 2 or 3 days I will power it off for the night and when I come back to it in the morning it has already booted up :confused: I also noticed this last week when I was on a plane, powered down for take off...
  6. dragonbro

    Screen Capture App

    Is there a free screen capture app out there I can install for stock DX OTA .596 GB?
  7. dragonbro

    Root Which Gingerbread is the best to install...and why?

    Hello everyone! I have been enjoying my 2.2 with Apex 1.4.1 for quite some time, but I feel like I'm ready for a change :D I would like to run Gingerbread now, but I'm confused by all the different ways to install and different files to download :( It seems like every time I turn around there...
  8. dragonbro

    Help lost all pictures from gallery

    Well like the title says...my wifes fascinateseems to have lost all the stored pictures from the phone....about 300 or so. Still a few pics on the SD card, but that's it. Anyone else see this happen before? The phone is all stock, nothing was being done at the time she discovered it.
  9. dragonbro

    Root ROM vs. Theme

    Hi All~ I am a noob to the Moto Droid X, I've had it about a week now coming from the HTC Eris. The Eris was a nice little android phone and I was very comfortable with flashing new ROM's, running gscripts, backing up nandroids, etc... The main reason I started was to get better battery life :)...
  10. dragonbro

    Help SD card mounting to Vista PC

    Hi all! I just picked up a Moto Droid X coming from the Droid Eris.....what a difference!!! For some reason it takes a very long time for my Win Vista laptop to be able to connect to the SD card. When I pull down the notifications bar and select USB storage, it takes about 5 minutes for the...
  11. dragonbro

    Help Trouble mounting SD card

    Hi all! Just picked up a Droid X coming from the Eris.........I LOVE the screen size and speed!!! Having a bit of noob trouble getting the SD card to mount so I can add files from my PC (Win Vista). The notification bar on the phone just keeps saying "preparing SD card", but it never mounts...
  12. dragonbro

    Root New Root User!

    Hi All! So I took the plunge and followed the super easy one click method for rooting my Eris....stupid easy! I installed the XTRrom3.0.3 and I like the feel, getting used to only 3 screens.....so much cleaner! I installed the extra .zip files that come with it, installed Set Cpu (using for...