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  1. wayne137

    Root [Sprint/Cricket] Sprint prl

    Anyone knows the latest Prl for the s3?
  2. wayne137

    Root [Sprint/Cricket] need Prl update help...

    is there a way to update your PRL CM 10.0, I want the latest prl without downloading a stock rom that would be very time consuming. my last sd card got destroyed that had my back does anyone have a rooted backup I can use just so I can update my prl.. if I can use my laptop to update the prl...
  3. wayne137

    Root fully stock with metro app all, out of the box

    i was wondering does any one have a back up fully stock build of the lg esteem stock
  4. wayne137

    Root [Sprint/Cricket] Prl update

    How do you update your prl on cm10 just wondering
  5. wayne137

    Chicago area service?

    It's there metro service/ Lte in Chicago
  6. wayne137

    Racing game (Asphalt 6)

    Asphalt 6 has to be the best racing game in the playstore however you get your apps you must get this game.. if there are any other cool games as good as this please share
  7. wayne137

    Root Lakers theme

    I would love LA Lakers theme anybody wanna do it lol :D:D
  8. wayne137

    Help Can't install any app

    Play store will not let me install any apps at all
  9. wayne137

    Help how to connect esteem to Qpst

  10. wayne137

    Help Nba jam on lg esteem

    is nba jam working for anyone on the lg esteem?? when i try to play it the app crash and when try again my phone crash and i have to pull the battery
  11. wayne137

    Root Gingersteem extreme for ZVD???

    Does anybody know if PG is working on new gingersteem extreme rom for ZVD ready to upgrade from ZVB without rerooting and doing less flashing?
  12. wayne137

    Root lg esteem tethering

    how many people use there 4g lte as thethering to there laptops and other devices?? cause i just did and the speed is almost as good as my home internet youtube vids and online movie streaming loaded pretty quick so how do you compare? Edit: i just tested the 4glte with my P.S.3 infrastruture...
  13. wayne137

    Help order my esteem but see the money back in my account

    ok so i order my esteem from letstalk.com but now i see the $249 that i use to order it back in my account.. but get this i have the ups tracking number and it says that they ship the phone and i should receive it in 2 days...should i wait to see if i get a free phone or call to make sure they...
  14. wayne137

    lg esteem cheap again

    well i just wanted to post that lg esteem is available on letstalk.com for $274 instant discount and with promo coupon get another $25 off and then right back down to $249
  15. wayne137

    Root [Requst theme]ICS look??

    I was wondering is there a way to get a ICS look on the esteem???
  16. wayne137

    metropcs gets a dual core phone!!

    check the phone out LG Connect 4G shown off in leaked renders ahead of MetroPCS launch | PhoneDog
  17. wayne137

    buying esteem from someone can i switch my service to her esteem

    so i just talked to my friend she said that i could buy her esteem for $200.. so am going to buy it can i bring the esteem to metro to switch the service to the esteem even though it was already in service just asking cause i reallying dont buy second hand phone she got it 2 months ago anyways...
  18. wayne137

    when will price go down on lg esteem

    ok i want to buy the lg esteem but the price is crazy $350+ so i was wondering anybody know if price is going to drop or are they going to get rid of that stupid rebate cause im willing to pay $250 cause paying $350+ on a phone which i change every six month to a year i dont trust mail in rebate...
  19. wayne137

    Root t moblie genius button

    i have the t moblie genius button on my ascend i had to use recovery to flash it on to the phone problem i have the samsung admire but no recovery, is there another way i can put the files and apps on the phone without brick
  20. wayne137

    Help Notification light

    I never notice the light notification(the light sensor in the front) how does it work
  21. wayne137

    Root ICS source code release

    They release source code for ICS let the ROMS begin development CM9
  22. wayne137

    Root CM release new ROM with 2.3.7

    Cyanogenmod released a new rom with fixes and andriod 2.3.7 will the ascend see this update??
  23. wayne137

    Root 2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher

    well if u been wondering what the launcher for andriod 2.4 was going to be like... TRY IT OUT FOR YOURSELF follow the link[App] Ice Cream Sandwich 2.4 Launcher - xda-developers:D:);):cool:
  24. wayne137

    Huawei Ascend 3G battery life

    So i been using the 3G now for a few hours n my big issue is. my phone has to constantly stay on the charger and i cant get it to past 50% seriously. so you can use these 2 apps i have use them and it worked... 1. Juice defender Ultimate (buy it in the andriod market it the best right now)...
  25. wayne137

    Root HTC phone coming metro pcs

    i hear that a Htc phone was comin to metro and that it was goin to be 4g lte is this true anyone know when it should arrive