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  1. bamaredwingsfan

    DSP Manager Suggestion

    Would like to see the option to set sound profiles that are switchable with NFC tags. For example maybe have separate profiles for your car, headphones, and bluetooth that saves the eq settings for each category.
  2. bamaredwingsfan

    Google music question

    I keep having this problem of music playing through my Bluetooth when I hang up a call. I don't use Bluetooth to listen to music, I use wired headphones. I'm on paranoid android for Verizon galaxy S3.
  3. bamaredwingsfan

    titanium backup question

    It seems like when I backup apps and settings they don't restore like they used to. What is the best settings as far as making backups for Android 4.2.2 on the SGS3
  4. bamaredwingsfan

    Renew contact, but not upgrading phone

    My current contract expires in October. Can I renew my contract, an not get a new phone. Or does that even matter. I think if Verizon just arbitrarily starts kicking people off unlimited data plans, I want to make sure im last to go.
  5. bamaredwingsfan

    Adding a dummy line to a grandfathered unlimited plan

    I have a single plan with unlimited data that I'd like to add a dummy line to so I can use to get a new phone once ever two years an not expose my grandfathered line to getting axed. How do I go about doing this? The dummy line won't be used, an will be turned off in my house. So could I just...
  6. bamaredwingsfan

    Donor screen

    My wife dropped her LG ally Sunday and smashed the screen something terrible. She is 4 months away from her last NE2. If someone has an old ally that is bricked, damaged or just don't want anymore, I will gladly paypal you some shipping an beer money for your donation. PM me if interested.
  7. bamaredwingsfan

    Help authentication error

    My wifes ally keeps getting google authentication errors. It pops up that stupid capcha or what ever its called at least 2 or 3 times a day. Currently her phone is rooted with velocity 1.0 installed. Anybody know what might be causing these errors?
  8. bamaredwingsfan

    Help Camera fails to save pics

    I made some pictures yesterday on my camera, and later on that evening when i went to view them, they never saved! I did most of my picture taking with my digital cam, but i wanted a few on thunderbolt cam as well. All i will say after this is, if your taking some important pics with the tbolt...
  9. bamaredwingsfan

    Root Partitioning the SD card

    So, i have now tried to partition my SD card with clockwork recovery 2 different times, with each time resuling in a hangup while performing the partition. How do i do this since clockwork can't get it done?
  10. bamaredwingsfan

    SetCPU and Thunderbolt

    I think i may look into giving this a try on the Tbolt, anyone tried this yet or know if it will work? [ROOT] Using SetCPU + Perflock Disabler to Save Battery, Underclock - Android Forums
  11. bamaredwingsfan

    Accessories Car Charger for Droid1

    I have been using the car charger for my wifes ally, and also a universal charger, but it can't keep the phone charged up under load. I can use the google navigation + bluetooth, and it just cant keep up. Would the original charger for the droid keep up, or is this just the case for all car...
  12. bamaredwingsfan

    Root Ultimate Droid for the Nook Color

    Found this on blackdroids forum today in the nightly section of downloads. I have tried to download the file, but for some reason can't. Just passing this along to anyone interested in UD for the nook color. Nook Color - 02/20/11 - The Ultimate Droid - Forums
  13. bamaredwingsfan

    Live PC Streaming App

    Im looking for an app that i can use to stream my own music from my desktop PC to my music player on my droid1. Is there any such app that will allow me to do this?
  14. bamaredwingsfan

    Root Twitter Problem

    Ive noticed that with the last few roms ive been running, that twitter contact sync is broken for me. No matter which rom i try it will not complete a contact sync. Ive tried Cyanogen, UD, BB, LiQuid, and Sapphire, still will not work. I wipe data, cache, an dalvic with each install so to...
  15. bamaredwingsfan

    Augen 7 vs Archos 5

    Im looking to get one of these two tablets in the next few days. My main purpose of getting this thing will internet surfing in the living room while away from my PC. Can't count the number of times i will get stuck on level of a game on the xbox360 only to have to pause the game get up and go...
  16. bamaredwingsfan

    Google Voice Custom Messages Questions

    I would like to be able to download MP3 soundclips from movies to use as my voicemail greeting when someone leaves me a message. Anybody know of an easy way to do this so it don't sound crappy?
  17. bamaredwingsfan

    Root So i bricked my wifes ally today

    I managed to brick the ally today as it will not get past the google sign in screen no matter what you do. If you do the 4 corner tap to bypass the sign in, it will look like it worked and then when the unlock screen comes up the screen is black except for the taskbar. So i took it down to...
  18. bamaredwingsfan

    Root Contacts and Dialer

    Do you think that you could ditch the stock LG dialer/contact interface and go with something more like the droid? I straight up hate the version that is on the ally.
  19. bamaredwingsfan

    What's your favorite NFL team?

    Tampa Bay Bucs
  20. bamaredwingsfan

    Root Nandroid Backup Problems

    I recently copied my SD card to my PC for backup purposes. I used the format and partition SD card tool in rom manager. I was wanting to store some of my apps on the sd so i wouldn't have to keep downloading them after a rom switch. Here is where my problem comes in. After i format and...
  21. bamaredwingsfan

    Root Installing APK's

    A surefire easy way to install apks on the ally is to download the free program dropbox for android. Then setup a linked folder to the phone on you desktop. Then when you download a cool apk file to install on your phone, just drag it into the shared folder on your desktop. Then when you go...
  22. bamaredwingsfan

    Socialite Beta: Socialite on the LG Ally

    This app is basically crap on the ally. The LG interface is really laggy, and coupled with this abortion of a facebook/twitter/phonebook app is absolute crap. It taxes the already limited resources of the ally to the point that it is just plain annoying to use. It also doesn't have an unstall...
  23. bamaredwingsfan

    Root Task Killers and FroYo

    One thing i have noticed since i have made the jump to 2.2 is that apps keep restarting back up. I use Advanced Task Killer, and before i could open it up kill all my designated tasks after a reboot, and they would stay dead until they i restarted them again. But since the jump to 2.2 i kill...
  24. bamaredwingsfan

    Root Cleaning up SD card

    So i thinking about completely backing up my SD card and then formatting it so i can get ready for apps2sd. I guessing that most all the roms from here on out will have this option. My question is what all do i need to do to complete this. Also i would like to leave out any old files and or...
  25. bamaredwingsfan

    Root SPRecovery is broken on my phone!

    The last 2 days, since i have been swapping roms around, sprecovery has been acting really funny. Mostly hanging up an freezing in the middle of making an nandroid backup. Any ideas as to what could have caused it? Im trying to back up petes new rom BB1.0 before i try to change kernals and add...