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  1. kevinbakon

    Sense Copy/Paste or Equivalent???

    Other than Copy Paste It, is there a way to retrieve the functionality of this stock feature from Sense? In my personal experience, although Copy Paste It DOES actually recognize text relatively well, I'd say it's 70% accurate at best. Before I rooted, I assumed I would most likely lose the...
  2. kevinbakon

    Accessories Speck Cover - Available through Verizonwireless.com

    This is the first I've seen this case for the Inc. Admitedly, it doesn't appear to be the most attractive online, but I'd like to see it in person & I'm curious if the cases's accents are the same as the Inc. red . . . so I went ahead & ordered one and if I don't like it, I'll return it within...
  3. kevinbakon

    App Alert: SD Card Speed Tester

    With all the talk in this forum of SD cards & class differences, I thought this was worth passing along . . . (Available free in the Market) I came across this app & tested my SD card. Sure enough it detected my Class 6 card, etc. SD Card Speed Tester - Android app on AppBrain I'm using a...
  4. kevinbakon

    Accessories SD card

    Saw this last night: SanDisk's elusive 32GB microSDHC card on sale tomorrow at Verizon: $100 with a Droid X, $150 without -- Engadget so I logged in this morning & the listed retail is $149, but with my corporate discount (25%), it shows me a price of $112.49 . . . I may just have to order one...
  5. kevinbakon

    Help Augmented Texting - Road SMS App???

    Has anyone else seen this: The Samsung Galaxy S Goes See-Through Another app I'd love to have, to rub in the face of my iphone friends! I've searched the XDA site & there are only port requests so far . . .
  6. kevinbakon

    Mario Live Wallpaper

    I wasn't sure where to post this, and I'm sure it'll be moved, but I can across this this morning . . . IMO, one of the best Android apps to date & it's available free in the market!!!! Mario live wallpaper for Android: better than a Tanooki Suit in the summer -- Engadget
  7. kevinbakon

    Red Accents for USB, Rocker & Power Buttons???

    If you'll recall, the power button, volume rocker, micro usb port as well as backplate were all the infamous red color, prior to the Incredible's release . . . . A few of us actually liked the uniqueness of the red backplate and photos of a version of the phone were even leaked, sporting a black...
  8. kevinbakon

    Help Exchange - Certificate location???

    Is there a particular location (folder structure) that I should save my certificates (.cer files)? Here's my story/background: I successfully added my work email account through the built in Exchange ActiveSync, but have had problems since day one. It seems that every time it goes to sync...