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  1. XtremeAaron

    Wanting to Buy : $300.00 : Razr M White

    Buy | Sell | Trade ..Wanting to Buy . Device/Item(s) ..Razr M White . Price ..$300.00 . Shipping Included? ..N/A . Payment Options ..Paypal . Condition ..Mint: Perfect device and all original included items . Extra Included Items .. . Additional...
  2. XtremeAaron

    Help SOLVED: - JB screen timeout animation (fade)

    Can anyone tell me how to improve or turn off the fade effect when waking the phone. You can pick up the phone after not touching it and hit the power button, the lock screen instantly shows but there is a slow choppy fade in the whatever brightness your set at. Also if you let the screen sleep...
  3. XtremeAaron

    Own a Chevy Cruze?

    Any of you N7 owners drive a Chevy Cruze? I plan to mount one in my dash, but would like some info before I move forward. As I tried to label in the picture, id like to see if the N7 will fit in between the inside of those upper grey instrument panel bars, or how close it actually fits...
  4. XtremeAaron

    New DINC2 owner!

    Hey guys. Let me give some background first. I started my Android life with an Eris, returned that within the 14/30 days or whatever it was and got the Moto Droid. From there I went to a Droid X which i was perfectly happy with, until now when I needed to lock in a third line for unlimited...
  5. XtremeAaron

    Help New to TB, help me decide to keep it!

    Hello TB folks. I ordered a TB on one of my lines to lock it into unlimited data, and im having some issues that I hope to resolve before the 14 day return is over or ill have to swap to a different device. I have scoured the net and many different forums and read a ton of different...
  6. XtremeAaron

    Lookup your mobile number in Gmail!

    If many of you are like me and have held the same mobile number for years you might be surprised what you find when searching your cell number. This is only relevant if you used to email yourself pictures as well. Its like throwing pictures into a vault and forgetting about them, only to open it...
  7. XtremeAaron

    Halloween displays / Yard haunts Anyone?

    Hey guys and gals. Im just wondering how many of you do a halloween display/yard haunt each year. Im talking more about elaborate props, etc, but a few bails of hay and carved pumpkins are cool. Right now im working on a pneumatic prop, im probably about 10% done with this years display...
  8. XtremeAaron

    Identify This Snake?

    Anyone good with snakes? I caught this baby this morning in works break room. Usually I am quick to identify but my years of wildlife in Alabama and Missouri have screwed me up here in Ohio. If it makes a difference, I am located the Northeast Ohio.
  9. XtremeAaron

    Root *SOLVED* Back to stock from ROM Manager?

    Hey fellas, My girlfriends original droid broke and we did a warrenty replacement, so she now has mine with a 2.2 rom and theres a few issues she complains about. I have been out of the ROM scene too long to remember, but heres what I did and you can tell me where i went wrong? I downloaded...
  10. XtremeAaron

    Help Gripes about my X, common or isolated?

    Id like to start off by saying i have been in florida for the past week and a half, so im not at home with broadband blindly bitching. First issue i have is overall volume. It is way low, is this something a replacement will fix or is this the overall consensus? Next, it gets hot as all...
  11. XtremeAaron

    Gripes about my X, common or isolated?

  12. XtremeAaron

    Root Kernal problem or something different?

    Im running the stock 2.2 leak. No themes, etc. I know my lack of WIFI Tethering ability is due to the stock kernal, yes? What low voltage overclockable kernal should I run with this rom? Also, Drocap2 will take a screenshot, but it catches its own dimmed background and text. Otherwise the...
  13. XtremeAaron

    Root Best & Most Stable Froyo Rom & Kernal?

    I was wondering everyones opinion on whats the best froyo rom and kernal to run. I understand theres many different options, but what has been the most stable for you guys?
  14. XtremeAaron

    So long original droid...

    My top power button is completely stuck, out of no where, no drops or anything, just seems like it is stuck in its housing. I tried everything, banging on table, xacto blade and prying up but nothing. Just doesn't budge. Replacement will be here in a couple days. Its a sad day. :(
  15. XtremeAaron

    Worms for Android?

    I remember reading that it was making it way to the iPhone. I REALLY want this game on my Droid! Someone PLEASE!
  16. XtremeAaron

    What ADS are going on here?

    I just encountered an ad that slid in and required me to click "close" to remove. This is the first and only time ive had it happen. Is this a new thing here?
  17. XtremeAaron

    Deerfield Beach?

    Why does my phone insist that im in Deerfield Beach? GPS on or off, restarted, battery pulls, dolphin says it, news and weather, beautiful widgets etc. Why? Ive tried everything. Super annoying.
  18. XtremeAaron

    Is your Facebook app getting errors?

    Who else is getting the error " [Malformed JSON] when trying to open the news feed in the Facebook app? Mine has been working on and off the past couple days, yet my girlfriends droid has been fine. I dont think its an isolated incident, because if you look at the comments other people are...
  19. XtremeAaron

    How apple sells their products.

  20. XtremeAaron

    Opera Mini 5 Released!

    Opera Mini 5 has been released and is available for download in the android market! Give it a try, its very fast. Im liking it alot!
  21. XtremeAaron

    Dash cam test video.

    Just a dash cam video I took using my Motorola Droid. Testing it out, boring, but thought its worth a post. Droid Dash Cam Test on Vimeo hopefully an offroad video soon.
  22. XtremeAaron

    What do you do for a living?

    heres my story, im 21, taking general math and english at the local community college, and have no idea what direction i want to go. I was going for fire and emt, but when I'm older and have kids I think ill regret it. I know I want to help people, so I was maybe thinking of going into law...
  23. XtremeAaron

    Post Your Notification Sounds!

    I think it'd be pretty cool to see what notification sounds everyone is using. I find it hard to discover new sounds when the time comes for it. These are my current notifications: SMS: Orbitz Alert ringtone - download this ringtone for free Email: Stock Droid Sound
  24. XtremeAaron

    Messenger widget like sense ui for droid.

    is there a messenger widget like the sense ui for the droid?
  25. XtremeAaron

    Be cautious when buying a Droid Car Mount!

    Alright, I went into my local Verizon Wireless retail store today to purchase a car mount for my Droid, which was simple and painless, aside from the fact there are now 2 different mounts on the market. The one I got was a "Value Pack", it consisted of the mount itself and case, which you must...