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  1. HiiiPowers

    Root [Boost Mobile] Asop test zip may fix 4g

    EDIT :Wait before flashing I need to make sure partitions are the same or you could brick your device I checked we have the same partitions I'll let everyone know what happens when I flash dirty unicorn tomorrow https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j5yfm8mtm04dhzr/kuYKNuTGal If you like you can read...
  2. HiiiPowers

    Root [Boost Mobile] Invalid package errors?

    Is this a play store issue because looking at reviews for apps other people with the S3 are getting the same error because I know I am Anyone else getting all these invalid file errors when trying to update apps from the play store like Samsung link jet pack joyride railroad rush
  3. HiiiPowers

    Root [Boost Mobile] Cm 10.1 install tutorial

    Read vm thread and thanks to the wonderful development over there especially evanrobinson85 he's awesome he helped me step by step http://androidforums.com/showthread.php?t=736505 Yes we have the sprint version of the s3 yes it should be able to run sprint roms without a problem does it no the...
  4. HiiiPowers

    Root [Boost Mobile] We need a dev

    At least one please lol I'm no Dev and there are plenty of Roms we can't fully use because either We can't flash it(idk what's up with that) We loose 3g and 4g Or the 3g and 4g kinda works but the camera doesn't work I believe these to be simple problems I think the 3g and 4g and camera...
  5. HiiiPowers

    Root [Boost Mobile] Stock kernel

    I'm in need of our stock kernel anyone please anyone that could help you are appreciated I believe it's the stock boost kernel and it's flashable so here you go let me know if not http://db.tt/QAqxfw7W I got the stock kernel by using flashify and making a backup so if you can't flash it...
  6. HiiiPowers

    Root [Boost Mobile] Stock firmware

    Anyone have a flashable zip of boosts stock firmware
  7. HiiiPowers

    Root [Boost Mobile] Roms?

    Anyone flash any Roms yet because I want to have a list of Roms that where flashed so others will know what's already tested and good to use I'm downloading miui for sprint gs3 and I'll report back to let you know how everything's going
  8. HiiiPowers

    Root [Boost Mobile] Which roms are safe to flash

    i Want to know which roms are safe to flash should i only flash sprint roms
  9. HiiiPowers

    Always Wondered

    Can the boost mobile s2 run any galaxy s2 ROM?or only the sprint ROMs because I'm going to be getting this phone in a little while probably today or tomorrow
  10. HiiiPowers

    Root So about this MIUI rom

    This is a simple request for any devs with free time i would very much appreciate it I will help in any way i can i just always loved miui and the themes and i think those that have never used it will be very impressed
  11. HiiiPowers

    Root Hate ZTE lockscreen

    Anyone know of any flash able lockscreens I don't like the ZTE one at all especially because I don't use the stock ics camera and the shortcut always goes to that one with no option to change it and the sound shortcut is kinda funky also and if you unlock too fast it might reboot(happened to me...
  12. HiiiPowers

    Root What to do if you don't develop

    Agreed This is pretty much a GUIDE ON HOW NOT TO UPSET DEVS or make anyone mad. Suggestions or additionals post below 1 Don't beg=Please don't write on thread asking for development or updates most Devs have lives just like you 2 Don't get in denial= If you're wrong about something...
  13. HiiiPowers

    Root Data while on the phone

    Is this possible
  14. HiiiPowers

    Root Ubuntu?

    Any devs know if getting Ubuntu on our phones would be possible just asking it looks nice with all the features
  15. HiiiPowers

    Root Zte b09 kernel

    Im in dyer need of the zte kernel with the memory fix anyone have a link and does anyone know if the front facing camera will be upside down still
  16. HiiiPowers

    Root Don't attack me but I have a simple question

    I know the devs are just getting the ball going with the cwm working and the first rom but I'm not going to be around a computer for a while so that means no root for me, I was just asking do any of the devs see someone making a different root method like flashing a rom from stock recovery like...
  17. HiiiPowers

    Root [Boost Mobile] Stock kernel?

    Does anyone have a link to the stock kernel? The only one I see is in the return back to stock for cwm. And I don't feel like flashing 5 other roms just to get the stock kernel and return from a backup...
  18. HiiiPowers

    Root [Boost Mobile] Anyone had this problem?

    A while back I was in shins rom then switched to noobv once it got updated everything was fine, then one day I tried to play music and the headset icon kept flashing on and off not staying connected then I heard a clicking sound in the headphones itself but my speakers work fine so I'm wondering...
  19. HiiiPowers

    Root [Boost Mobile] Will thi work for our phone?

    Any devs or anyone period know if this will work on our phones http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1700211
  20. HiiiPowers

    Root [Boost Mobile] This phone is living the life

    Since i was bored i wanted to make this a thread of screen shots of how your zte warp looks at the moment and realize when or even if we get it ics cm7 or even cm10 we'll be grateful but for now no complaints we're living the life...
  21. HiiiPowers

    Root [Boost Mobile] Anyone who wants the best battery life ect look what I just found

    This works pretty good so far http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1901526
  22. HiiiPowers

    Root [Boost Mobile] Better Music player? Please..

    Okay im a music junky nd hate google music app, dose anyone have any links to better music apps?..For example Miui music is great but i dont knw how to install it nd i dont want to have to switch back to noobv to use it