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  1. Zumaki

    Phone "forgot" my pattern

    I set my lock to fingerprints, but wanted to mess with those settings. So it asks for the pattern I added as a secondary. I know 100% what the pattern is, but it's not taking it. Really not looking forward to the possibility of having to reset the phone.
  2. Zumaki

    Root [Sprint/Cricket] Tried to install CM10, stuck with Touchwiz

    I went through a ton of trouble to install CM10.2.1 on my phone. Finally got the installer to work all the way through, only to reboot and have my phone still running pretty much the stock ROM, only google play services doesn't work. I also have a new version of Clockwork recovery that says I...
  3. Zumaki

    Google Search widget

    Is there a way to disable the pre-search thing on this? I use the widget as a way to start my browser by typing in a search or a website without dolphin not putting in spaces, and a few updates back the app added in its own mini browser. But if you don't tap any links/ pics that show up, the...
  4. Zumaki

    Root [Sprint/Cricket] MA4 zip?

    I'm used to being able to download a zip file and put it on my phone's sd card to flash different ROMs onto my phone. I like it that way because occasionally things can mess up or I might want to try CM, then switch back. Why is the latest one needing Odin and stuff? Can I get the new Stock...
  5. Zumaki

    Root [Sprint/Cricket] Google search

    Man, I've had it with this " pre search" function. is there a way to make it so my Google search bar just opens the text box that then takes me straight into the browser to search, instead of the thing it does now where it loads the initial search under the text bar, and opens browser only...
  6. Zumaki

    Media controls from CM7?

    My EVO ran CM7 and it has a nifty feature: i could go to the next song or previous song by holding down the volume up or volume down button. Is there an app that does this? I'm not quite ready to start using custom ROMs yet, but i really miss that feature.
  7. Zumaki

    Root [Sprint/Cricket] Have Root, but not ClockWork Recovery

    So I've been having some issues with my phone locking up and not coming out of sleep. It's been slowly getting worse, to the point that yesterday it froze like 5 or 6 times. So I finally bit the bullet and decided to sit down this morning and backup my stuff to re-flash everything and restore if...
  8. Zumaki

    Root [Sprint/Cricket] Won't wake from sleep

    I just got the phone on Monday. Rooted to restore app data, but it's still running stock. Twice now, about once a day, I will try to wake the phone, and nothing happens. It just sits there. I tried waiting, tried using the home button instead, tried holding down the power button... No change...
  9. Zumaki

    Root [Sprint/Cricket] During rooting, Wrong recovery

    I tried to root my new phone that I just bought today, and when I got to the step that says to install the .zip from ClockWorkMod Recovery, I got stuck. It boots to recovery, but it says "Android System Recovery <3e>" instead. I get no option to install a .zip from sd through this recovery...
  10. Zumaki

    [App suggestion] app that toggles lock screen?

    I'd like to be able to turn the lock screen on and off without having to go to settings and creating the gesture every time. I only use the lock screen at work or when I'm at parties with friends (to prevent snooping/pranks). Anything out there for me?
  11. Zumaki

    Help Broken charge port => new phone

    Charge port broke. Took bits of the mobo with it, so I couldn't even think about trying to solder it back on. So off to Sprint. They didn't notice I had rooted until after the guy swapped me phones, so now I have a refurb one. Anyway, the reason for this thread is that the new one didn't look...
  12. Zumaki

    Root Evervolv: can't read wikipedia articles?

    So far, there are two issues I have with Evervolv. One, the GPS is slow to respond, so navigation is almost unusable. (but not totally) But the other issue seems easier to fix, maybe. I noticed when I was reading a wikipedia article, tapping the 'show' button in Dolphin browser no longer...
  13. Zumaki

    Help Special request

    I am having trouble finding an old notification sound I miss having. Anyone know where I can find the vanilla android sound called "merope"? I could never find a way to get it off of my Moment. :( Wouldn't mind getting all of the defaults if possible...
  14. Zumaki

    Finally died

    I bought my Moment on the day Sprint released it. The first month was magical. Here I was with this new, shiny phone with an amazing screen, a keyboard, and it was running a (mostly) new and exciting OS. The next 3 months after that were an agony for me, combined with anger that the device was...
  15. Zumaki

    Root Cm7?

    Tried it out, but when it booted I had no phone app or contacts app. Also most of the settings menus didn't do anything, just dropped me to home screen. What did I do wrong?
  16. Zumaki

    Root Netflix Won't Play

    I have the newest version of the app from the market. Loads up fine, lets me log in and see my queue. But when I try to watch something, it keeps dropping back to the queue after it finishes buffering. Tried reinstalling 3x now, no luck. Help. I run stock rooted 2.3, got it the week the update...
  17. Zumaki

    Too soon to ask for Honeycomb?

    I mean, I don't want to seem thankless for Gingerbread... but THERE'S ALREADY A NEW SHINY VERSION. I now go back to lurking :)
  18. Zumaki

    Root Unrevoked and Gingerbread?

    Despite the attempts by mods to keep the discussion simplified, I'm still a little foggy on this rooted gingerbread thing. But I liked how easy rooting was the first time with unrevoked. Any chance I can dp something that simple soon? Also, is there a stock, no sense version of 2.3 to put on...
  19. Zumaki

    Accessories Usb car charger + fm transmitter?

    I already have a car cradle, and I'd like to get rid of some clutter and get a fm transmitter/charger that uses the usb port on my evo. Is there such a thing?
  20. Zumaki

    Root "Stock" rooting

    I apologize in advance for my laziness and ignorance. With the latest update throwing up even more bloatware, I am now definitely ready to root. However, unlike with my Moment, I pretty much have no qualms with the stock setup on the EVO, aside from a few apps I have like Beautiful Widgets and...
  21. Zumaki

    Accessories Phantom Skinz protectors

    Back when I first got my Moment, I was invited to do a comparison test between different types of 'skin' protectors (thread). At the time, Phantom Skinz provided me their product for free, because they were sure theirs was the best. I did an initial comparison, found the Phantom Skinz to be best...
  22. Zumaki

    Help Whole phone lags...

    Since switching from my Moment, I've been having some issues with voice/text. Voice calls ring several times on the caller's end, and only twice on my end before going to voicemail. Sometimes once or not at all on my end. This happens with any level of signal, so it isn't an issue of being out...
  23. Zumaki

    Help Text lag

    Since switching to the EVO, my text messages take longer to arrive, and if friends send multiple messages, it'll take part 2 or 3 an extra few minutes to arrive, leading me to make stupid/embarassing replies when I don't have all the info yet. The lagged messages even come in with old...
  24. Zumaki

    pulsing screen?

    My screen brightness slowly pulses when I let the phone sit idle for a few seconds... anyone know why? I use auto brightness, does that make a diff?
  25. Zumaki


    finally got out of my Samsung Moment and into an EVO. I'm stoked. I love this forum and look forward to learning/contributing. I have been lurking the last few weeks while I researched new phones, and I see a few old names here :D I looked at the stickies and whatnot, but a few things go...