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    Lenovo tablet TB328XU Palm Rejection

    Hello everyone. I wonder is there any way to make Lenovo tab M10 3rd Gen (Mode! No: TB328XU) to support palm rejection when writing using an active pen? Is there any pen that can make the tablet screen rejects the palm, or is there any software that can achieve the palm rejection? I hope...
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    Replacement for ScreenBeam Mini 2

    Oh thank you so much for the suggestion!
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    Replacement for ScreenBeam Mini 2

    Ohh sorry, i meant replacement for screenbeam mini 2. I can't use the screenbeam mini because I cannot buy it anymore. The screenbeam website says it stopped production already. I cannot search for that product anymore on the net.
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    Replacement for ScreenBeam Mini 2

    Hello everyone!. I am searching a device that can replace ScreenBeam Mini 2 to project my tablet to projector wirelessly without the need to connect to existing home/office wifi network. What can I buy? Thanks for the suggestion!