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    Android forums

    Can someone please share links to active Pixel forums? Thanks
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    Pixel 7 Pro - connect to TV

    Putting Pixel on a side for moment, the description of the above cable mentions S20/21/22. Does that mean Samsung phones do work? About Chromecast. Hi Res sound is not going over the air. At least how I understand it I am trying to get Hi Res music from my phone to my Home Theater. If it would...
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    Pixel 7 Pro - connect to TV

    I am using this cable to connect to my LG tv: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0BDY12FNT/ref=ask_ql_qh_dp_hza I am not getting anything. I am laying a song on the phone but even after connecting it still continues playing like nothing is connected. Please help me to understand how to connect...
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    Samsung Keypad

    After upgrading to ISC my Samsung Keypad option is not enabled. Ho can I modify all these settings for typing? Thanks
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    Forward one number

    I have my entrance door intercom set to dial my cell. Is it possible to forward this call to another cell phone?
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    Upgrade Galaxy S2

    I am trying using Kies to upgrade my phone to ISC. The program says: your device does not support software upgrading using Kies. I have chatted with 6 or 7 Samsung techs - what a waste. Here is what has been done: 1. hard factory reset 2. Phone registration on Samsung web site (I specifically...
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    Help Using speakerphone

    When I am on a speaker the screen goes blank after a short while. How do I wake it up to end a call?
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    Help Battery is dying

    My a few months old phone wasn't great in the beginning: I was charging every other day maybe. I decided to let the phone completely die to go thru a full discharge. After performing that the phone has got much, much worse. For example, I fully charged the battery yesterday at work, made a few...
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    Help Mail notification

    If I have "check email frequency" set to never how come I still see a number around Email icon showing I had new messages? Nor I have email sync set.
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    Help Wired headset not functioning

    I used to be able to pick up/end calls, but not anymore. When I am getting an incoming call and pushing a button on a mic it's not doing anything. I have to slide to pick it up. I had powered my phone down a couple of times, did not help. Any idea? Thanks
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    Help Boosting Audio bass

    I am trying to get more bass from my phone. I have installed EQ Equalizer but dont see it's been taking any effect. Any idea? Thanks
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    The phone does not go off

    I have noticed that sometimes after I turn the phone on by pressing the power button the screen stays on for good so I have to push the power button again to turn int off. Any idea what's to look for to fix it? Thanks
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    Headphones for ATT S2

    Can someone please recommend good function headphones for ATT S2? Thanks
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    Help Recovery mode

    I am trying to remove an update I have put to my phone. I am getting into the recovery mode and trying to go thru options there. I am able to navigate using Volume buttons but selecting an option with Menu button (no other buttons do anything) not triggering anything: I simply shows small...
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    Help No Back button after upgrading

    I have upgraded my ATT S2 to 2.3.5. Now, to go back I have to press Home button. Pressing on Back button does nothing. Any idea? Thanks
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    Help Enter program mode

    I am working on improving a call quality on my new S2. I have read about a trick that uses ##PROGRAM command. When I try dial it I am getting "wrong number". What am I doing wrong?
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    Help Phone conversation quality

    I have been told be people I usually call to and get calls from that they are having some difficulty hearing me. Specifically they say that my voice sounds a bit flat and sometimes words are skipped. I tried from different locations and it is basically the same. I am coming from an iPhone and...
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    Help Incoming and outcoming calls

    When I call a person from my Contacts and that person has more than one number it shows a name of that person without a number type: cell, home, work, ... The same with incoming calls: no specifics are shown. Is there a way to show missing info? Thanks
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    Help Now to use Google Voice to read ATT voicemails

    Is it possible to read ATT voicemails with Google Voice? What I am trying to do is to have on my phone a visual voicemails reader - similar to the one I had on iPhone. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Good case

    Can someone please recommend a good case for ATT SGS2? Thanks