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    Just got the Xperia Play, looking to tune it

    I just picked myself up an AT&T Sony-Ericsson Xperia Play (R800AT) and it's running Android 2.3.3. I'm not a total n00b to Android OS as I also have a Samsung Admire from MetroPCS that I rooted and flashed a custom ROM to. It's my understanding that the Xperia Play is much different though...
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    Root Resize /dev Partition

    For those of us with root, perhaps you've taken a gander through your phone's system files and partitions. Particularly of interest is the '/dev' partition - a whopping 142 MB unused with '80' K uses. I don't understand Android completely, but I do know that you cannot write to this...
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    A Little Honesty...

    I must be really crazy asking for some honesty on the internet, but I figure I couldn't die trying, right? I'm currently with MetroPCS. Don't get me wrong, they're not a terrible carrier I just feel that for $50 I should have 3G, maybe I'm wrong. I've been looking at Cricket recently. It...
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    Help Feel like an Idiot

    After having tried out Google Music, I decided that for the most part it was better than the Stock Music App. Using Titanium Backup (PRO) I backed up the Stock Android Music Player and made Google Music the stock "rom" app. Anyway I can restore the original? It doesn't seem to restore from...
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    Grand Theft Auto III

    Anybody tried to run GTA3 on their Admire yet? I tried it; and it will play - it's just slow. Maybe we can offset the lag somehow?
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    T-Mobile as my Carrier

    My phone carrier is currently MetroPCS. I'm looking at taking advantage of T-Mobile's $30 / mo. plan possibly and I'm also carefully looking at Virgin Mobile's $35 / mo. plan - I'm likely going with T-Mobile simply for the $5 savings and I know I could take advantage of Wi-Fi/Data Calling if...
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    Help Samsung Admire "Reflash"

    The more that I use my Samsung Admire the more that I find I rather enjoy the phone. Is there a way to unlock it and possibly bring it to a carrier outside of MetroPCS? I've been looking at Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile and a few others and I want out of MetroPCS, I just don't know how I can bring my...
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    Call Blacklisting

    I could've sworn that somewhere in the vast menus of the Samsung Admire I saw a feature to completely block a number. I don't mean send to Voicemail, I mean like completely block it. Does anyone know where it's at? Or if I'm hallucinating about it, does anyone have a good app?
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    Help Samsung Admire... bricked?

    I've had the phone for about a month and a half. As soon as I got it I rooted the phone and I installed the app, Launcher Pro. I uninstalled Launcher Pro last night, and now the phone doesn't seem to have the original Gingerbread launcher screen. Needed: Stock Admire (2.3.X) ROM with a Tutorial...