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    Help Phone drains 3 times faster in foreign country

    I traveled to Hong Kong recently with the oneplus 5T and bought a CSL sim card. It worked and I get a "4G" symbol on the signal strength, but no LTE and no VOLTE indicators. The most unusual thing is phone battery drains more then 3 times faster. The battery setting just shows google play as...
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    How to hear myself in headset?

    I bought a headset so I can make calls on my oneplus 5T hands free. It works but I don't hear my own voice in the headphone and I would like to. Is there a way to do this that is generic to all android phones?
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    USB driver for 5T?

    Where can I find a working USB driver for 5T? When I plug the phone into my PC, a new drive appear containing driver setup and oneplus setup files. I run the driver setup and it freeze near the end. Windows 10 pc.
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    newbie cannot connect phone to android studio

    Just installed android studio on windows 8.1. Then I connected a phone to the PC and turn on developer debug option. No device is listed next to the app drop down. I enter troubleshoot device connection and click rescan device. It list a bunch of USB devices including the phone under the heading...
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    turn off phone charging automatically?

    I have an app (accubattery) that can sound an alarm when the phone battery is charged to a certain level (e.g. 60%). But it cannot turn off charging. I have to unplug the charger. But sometimes I miss the alarm (e.g. left the room) and the battery ended up fully charged. Is there a way to do...
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    chrome OS tablet vs android tablet

    Just saw in news acer announced a chromebook tablet. How does this compare to an android tablet? On the surface, they both do the same things: run android apps tablet form factor Why would you choose one over another?
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    Are chromebooks 100% compatible with android apps?

    If I get a touch screen chromebook that states is compatible with android apps, can I expect 100% compatibility, or a lower percentage?
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    Best gaming tablet?

    What's the best gaming tablet? Ideally something 8 inch but 10 inch is ok. It used to be nvidia shield but it's discontinued. Now the decent choices cost > $500 (samsung or google's). Some chromebooks also have touch screen and can run android games. Are they any good as gaming device? I have...
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    Work with two AT&T sims?

    For some phones, when one sim is used for 4G/LTE, the other sim would be limited to 2G or 3G. Any idea what this honor 6x does? The quick start manual doesn't say anything about this. If it limits the slower (or voice call) sim to 2G, then it obviously can't work with 2 AT&T sims because AT&T...
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    Do photos display accurately or over saturated?

    Years ago I had a phone with AMOLED screen and everything (photos, icons, ...) were displayed over saturated. I didn't like it. I wonder if this ZTE Axon 7 is the same. I prefer colors displayed accurately, especially when viewing photos.
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    Help How to release ownership of a phone for return?

    I bought a phone that I cannot use, because the product description omits a limitation that affects me. I want to return it. The merchant (B&H) says the phone has to be in new condition. I can wipe the phone, but google phone setup procedure will ask the new owner "this device has been...
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    BLU life one x2 - sim2 (4G) disables sim1 (2G)

    I have an AT&T go phone sim (for voice and text), and a freedompop sim (for data). If I put either one of them into the BLU phone, it works. If I put both of them in, then the AT&T sim stops working -- signal strength goes to zero bar, and calling the number doesn't ring the phone. If I leave...
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    Temporary mute feature disappeared after update

    I updated my one plus one two days ago to cyanogen OS 13.0 based on android 6.01. Prior to this, if I press volume down button I can select mute (a circle with a slash), then select for how long to mute. Now this feature has disappeared. Now when I press volume button I get a popup with volume...
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    Help Huawei snapto missing app drawer icon?

    On the huawei snapto, there is no app drawer icon (6 dots, when clicked shows you all apps in a-z order). Long pressing on a blank area in the home screen does not work - brings up a configuration menu. Long pressing in the dock area doesn't do anything. Any idea how to create the app drawer...
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    System wide ad blocker

    What are all the system-wide ad blockers for non rooted android? This means once installed, it block ads in browsers, games, apps, etc. I found only one called adgaurd. But surely there must be more than one? I heard adblock plus used to do this but no longer works under newer versions of...
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    Help Bluetooth thrashing between AV mode and Stream mode

    I paired my oneplus one phone to a car receiver. Normally the display on the receiver reads "AV mode", which allows for hands-free phone calls. If I start playing music on the phone, the display switches to "AV Stream". Now when I use a GPS app (e.g. waze), the receiver switches to AV Stream...
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    How to sync music folder?

    I'd like to copy mp3 files into a folder on my desktop PC, and have them show up on my android phone's music folder (when phone is connected to internet). I don't want to use an USB cable. Right now I use dropbox but it's not automatic. I put music files into dropbox on my desktop PC. Then, on...
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    add repeating notification sound to notification light?

    Is there a way to add a repeating notification sound (say once every minute) whenever the notification light is blinking? It's too easy for me to miss the blinking lights (e.g. in a different room, phone inside a bag, etc). I have the oneplus one running cyanogenmod.
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    Help CM12 custom auto brightness gone?

    Before upgrading to CM12, the auto brightness can be programmed, i.e. I could set the screen to any brightness at any ambient light level. After upgrading to CM12, I could not find this feature anymore. Is it gone? If so, is it replaced by something better? If not, is there a way to get this...
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    Help cell reception stuck at weak signal

    My house is a t-mobile weak spot (usually zero bar or empty triangle, sometimes 1 bar, occasionally 2 bars). When I go outside the signal meter sometimes is stuck at zero bar or empty triangle until I rebooted the phone, then it may return to 3 or 4 bars. Why is this necessary? Is this a bug...
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    Help Why com.motorola.ccc using lots of data?

    I just updated my moto G to 5.0.2 recently. I also noticed a lot of data has been used up by a process com.motorola.ccc 10000 (378 MB) What is this process? Is it possible this is related to the update? Can I get rid of this process to reduce data usage? My monthly plan has only 500MB...
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    automatic international prefix?

    To dial a Hong Kong number manually requires adding prefix: 011-852-1234-5678 where 011 is an international phone call prefix 852 is Hong Kong's country code 1234-5678 is a local Hong Kong phone # If I store this number in my google phone (a galaxy nexus), should I store all the numbers...
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    How to pay chinese IAP?

    Any idea how to pay IAP in chinese apps? They don't take google, paypal or credit cards. They have their own systems (e.g. iapppay, union pay, tenpay, ...). Without leaving usa, is it possible to create the appropriate account(s) and make payments?
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    Help Confused by emulated folder

    I copied an mp4 video from a windows PC to nexus 7's Movies folder. I can then play it with MX player. The video has some junk at the end, so I downloaded an android app "Mp4 cutter" to cut off the junk. It then saved the resulting file to /storage/emulated/0/mp4cutter/ folder. I want to make a...
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    Can I play mp4 without downloading app?

    I have android 4.3. Can I play mp4 file using any one of the built-in apps? I tried the "Play Movie" app but it doesn't show the mp4 file I copied into the movies folder on the phone. Should I copy it to a different location so Play Movie can find it? I know how to download other video players...