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    I need to reinstall the Gmail app on my tablet

    When I bring Gmail up on my tablet (Huawei BTV Android version 7.0) the program opens then immediately removes itself from the screen. Apparently it is still running in the background, as I can tap the programs that are running, but it just appears, then removes itself from the screen. This...
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    Annoying change to tab display

    Apparently an update now has my tabs showing in the table format, as opposed to being able to scroll through them vertically. I thought that Table Grid Layout was something I would be able to change, but when I change it within flags it may or may not work once, then returns to the annoying...
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    Time Out Configuration

    I set my Galaxy S7 up for thumb print identification. While it worked fine for a while, yesterday it did not recognize my print and locked me out for half an hour. When I tried again it repeated things and locked me out for another half hour. I was finally able to get back in and disabled...
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    Android Malware - unable to remove

    I have got a Samsung Galaxy S3 with Android version 4.4.2. Recently, on an occasional basis, when opening an app (it might be going to Facebook, it might be opening Score, it is not consistent) I am first taken to the Google Play Store and Uber has been selected for me to download. It does not...