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    Google Play Store Problem

    Looks like I'll have to answer my own question. The ONLY way to solve my problem with the Play Store was to do a "factory reset" on the device.
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    Can you factory reset an ASUS tablet?

    Thanks Augie. When using 7.0 It's under "Backup & reset" > "Factory data reset" Very simple
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    Can you factory reset an ASUS tablet?

    How do I factory reset my ASUS zenpad tablet?
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    Google Play Store Problem

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    Google Play Store Problem

    Turns out the older Z301 has version 35.1 of PlayStore, while the newer ZT500 has version 33.0. I have no idea how to "update" the play store app.
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    Google Play Store Problem

    PlayStore works fine on my OLDER ZenPad 10 Z301M!
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    Google Play Store Problem

    It's a ZenPad Z10, model P00I. It uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 CPU with 6 cores. It's got 3.6 GB of System storage and 23 GB of internal storage, 10GB of which is free. It also has a 15GB SD card with nothing on it. The PlayStore app went from "no problem" to "not working". The...
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    Google Play Store Problem

    My problem is weird. I've had my ASUS tablet for many months. Never had any issue with using the Play Store app. All of sudden, it wouldn't let me load an update on a game I've been playing for years. Turns out, I can't download ANYTHING. App opens just fine but anything I pick goes into...
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    Help Google Voice app has replaced my keyboard

    How do I get the keyboard back? Can the speech to text feature be turned off?
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    Help Volume controls disabled

    Strange problem: The volume sliders for call and ring volumes are fine but the sliders for media and alarm volumes have somehow been disabled. It's a moto e6 (XT2005DL) using Android 9. Tells me that my device is up-to-date.
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    Google Voice Assistant

    Google Voice Assistant has highjacked my phone! It pops up instead of the keyboard. What do I do?
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    What happened to the built-in ringtones?

    Just got a new Motorola phone with 9.0 installed. Went to settings - sounds to pick a ringtone only to discover that there weren't any! Is there a site where I can download the ringtones that came with 7.0?
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    Upgrading from 6.1 to 7.0

    I have 2 identical ASUS tablets. Same CPU. One came with 7.0 but the other came with 6.1 Is there a way to put 7.0 on the one that came with 6.1?
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    Formating an SD card as "Internal"

    My ASUS "ZenPad" tablet runs 7.0. According to a youtube video I found, you can format an SD card so it can be used as internal memory. However, when I go "Settings:Device storage:SD card" I don't have a "format as internal" option. Why?
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    Moving Apps from internal to external storage

    I would like to move a large game app (Marvel Future Fight) to my external SD card. This particular game installs itself in a way that makes it invisible to normal file managers. Every "file manager" I download only lets you move a specific file or folder. Hasn't anyone created a file...