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    Help Moving apps to Sd card

    I have a question regarding transferring data to SD card on Samsung Galaxy A01 and Samsung Galaxy A10s. Any idea how can I move applications on these phones from internal storage to my SD card, apps like Snapchat or Instagram for example? I also have Samsung Galaxy J mini Prime and I have no...
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    Sd card started overheating inside the phone

    I had my Samsung J mini prime for few years and had almost no problems with it. Few days ago I noticed it was super hot so I opened the back and the part where the SD card is inserted was so hot I almost burned my finger. I never had anything like that happen before with any phone. I turned off...
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    Cannot transfer WhatsApp messages from old phone to new phone through SD card. Please need help bad!

    I had an old Samsung Galaxy Xcover which had hardly any internal memory so I was backing up my whatsapp messages to my SD card. The phone started giving problems so I got another cheap "emergency" phone whatever I could afford n tried to transfer messages from the back up that's on SD card to...
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    Help Screen won't swipe after being replaced with a new one

    Hello. I just replaced a broken screen on my Blu Life Play Mini with a completely new screen and now my phone won't swipe to unlock. The phone looks brand new like it just came out of the store. The guy tried to repair this swipe problem for 2 days and couldn't. When we brought it home we...
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    Help Whte screen on Blu Neo 3.5

    I have a white screen problem on my Blu Neo 3.5. This happened after we put in a new battery for the phone that we bought in the phone repair shop after the original battery stopped working (I don't know if the battery is new but it's in a good condition). At first it came on fine but it was...
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    Help Swipe screen question

    My Blu Life Play Mini phone screen cracked. I ordered a new one and brought it to the phone repair shop here for fixing. They told me that my swipe screen is not working and needs to be replaced as well. I am not in the U.S. And Im not sure these ppl here know what they're talking about. Isn't...