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    Help Long press punctuation problem

    Sorry if this has already been posted, but I searched and saw nothing. I'm wondering if anyone else has issues with long pressing the period for additional punctuation options when using the onscreen keyboard. Whenever I long press a comma is automatically entered... quickly, before I can...
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    Unable to send e-mail

    The native app seemed a little buggy with my att.net accounts so I installed K9 after reading through the forums. I was unable to send email through the native app, and it seems I can't send email with K9 either. This is with att.net as well as another server which synced well (folders and all)...
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    Wifi causing reception problems?

    I've noticed poor call quality ever since I've had a wireless router in the house. I wasn't sure if it was just the phones, or if having so many wireless things is interfering with reception. I haven't had this problem with the home phones in the same room. Outside, and even in a store with...
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    Contacts & Photos

    Can anyone give me a brief rundown of the droid's contact list? I will be moving from an LG Dare (which had a very disappointing contact list) in 2 weeks. I'm hoping the droid allows more contact information to be stored (home and business addresses, etc). I want to make sure I upgrade to a...