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    Root Confused about the rom flashed...

    So I had cog2.3be and i took a back up using rom manager. Than i flashed it to stock, using odin...and flashed perception build 5. I restored my data using rom manager backup file i had in cog2.3be my about phone section says Firmware:2.2 Baseband: 190000UGJK3 Kernel:
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    Juice defender settings

    I just got juice defender, Juice plot and Ultimate juice as well. But I am not able to understand the settings... Any help? I know its very basic question and I did google for it...But still not getting it...:mad: Any help will be appreciated
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    Help Screen lock!!

    When I got my captivate, I could lock the screen by pressing power button on the side of phone. But I dont know what happened, it not working now. I have to wait for the screen to go off and lock it. Any idea what i did wrong? or any free app, I can use to lock the screen?
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    Nexus s....So jealous

    Here is a rumor or might be relaity. New version of nexus to be lauched by Samsung, with similar hardware as captivate but android 2.3 (gingerbread). And its rumored to be launched on Nov 8th. Specially read the last line. Rumor: Samsung to announce the Nexus S November 8th? | larsa |...
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    Launcher pro or ADW launcher or anyother?

    Which is best launcher for Captivate? which can help in saving my battery used by display (around 50-60%) I used ADW for a while, but when I am on ADW my notification bar get vanished. I dk how..so i switched to launcher pro. I had a random shut down once, so now I am thinking it because of...
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    Galaxy S Tweaker app? anyone use it?

    So I heard about this Galaxy S tweaker app. It claims to be used for installing voodoo lag fix without rooting in one click. But as I am very new owner of Captivate and I don't wanna root or brick my phone. I am little scared to try it. But who doesn't want a lag free phone :) Have anyone...
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    Disabling 3G

    I read this somewhere else and tried it myself. It works for me, so I want to share it woth you guys. I went into settings>>wireless and networkds>>mobile networks>>Access point names. Clicked menu and new APN. I created a new APN and named first 2 fields with Blank. Now I can select it...
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    Help Task Killer issue

    Hi fellow Captivate users, I have wierd problem and not sure what to do with it. I read about task killers at many websites and forums. Some says its ok, some says its creates problems with performance. I mainly want to use it to save my battery. Now I have task killer Lite by Tobyyaa. It...