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    LG G pad at amazon uk

    LG G pad 8.3 now reduced at Amazon UK to
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    Help Streaming over wi-fi to tv

    Hi I have a Samsung smart TV wired direct to my wireless router Using Samsung link on TV I could stream video or pictures to my TV via wireless network on my tab 2 But When I try to do it with my g pad it shows connect to TV when playing Video but when it connects and plays it switches...
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    New update today in UK both appear to be LG One is a new application called drive and appears to be like a cloud based organiser. The other must be a LG apps Also just seen weather widget temp is now red ! No Kit Kat :)
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    Help Calendar Syc

    hi just tried to synchronise my PC outlook calendar with my G pad using the PC software and wiped my calendar out so now have two blank calendars "luckily I backed PC up " I have looked again and can not see option of PC outlook to G pad Calendar Has anybody done it yet This is still first...
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    Help Plug in not suported

    Hi Has anybody any idea why I can not open this bus time table page ? LLorente Bus Benidorm I can open it on my laptop but when I try it on my tab 2 it says Plug in Not supported :mad: What the issue and how can I get round it ?
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    Help process gapps

    Hi Just updated my tab2 to 4.2.2 two weeks since with no problems ! But every no and again I keep getting a warning box appear Saying "Unfortunately the Process Com.Google.Process.gapps has stopped" Has anybody what this means is it a app that's been deleted or a missing file
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    4.2.2 Update in UK

    Hi hi have just seen a tab 2 with 4.2.2 and was wanting to update my GT P5110 But show ups as no updates available Has anybody in the UK manage to update over air ? Thanks for any replies
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    Help Playing videos on TV

    Hi I have just bought a Samsung smart TV it I have set up all share with my Tab2 using wireless Network via router When I view video's on TV it only shows the films I have downloaded to my Movie Folder on SD card plus any other videos But it does not show Films downloaded via Samsung video hub...
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    Hi Just powered my Samsung Tab 2 GT-P5110 up and it said new software update available so updated Now version 4.1.1 Anybody any idea what the Update was Just seem same to me ?
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    Help wireless printing

    Hi has anybody managed to connect there Tab to a Non Samsung wireless printers It seem strange you can only connect to a Samsung printer when the most popular Are HP and Epsom !! How many Samsung Printers do you see ?
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    Skype Update

    Just updated latest Skype update on my pc it was a Microsoft update what a disaster Locks up Pc when opens "!!! Just update on my Samsung tablet via play store and found problems with that as well It now take ages to open and when it does it seems slow to use is suspect it is a...
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    Help Low Sound

    Sorry if this has been posted twice As i said this tablet seems to have a very low sound about when watching videos or music Any external noise makes it unwatchable Even when you have earphones it still seems low All settings for sound are at max Tab 2 10.1 ver 4.0.4 The earphones i...
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    Help Sykpe

    Hi just installed Skype But can not seem to get video working correctly I can see the other person full screen and my picture :D small in the bottom corner so my Camera is OK But person receiving call Can Not See My Picture It works both way on my laptop at same time pictures both...
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    Help Banner Ads

    Hi I have just started getting small banner ads on the bottom of my screen about 200 mm * 10 mm I suspect it because i have downloaded 4 apps But how can i tell which one has done it or is doing it and how can i get rid of them Even it meand deleting the app I dont want to delete them all...
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    Help e- reader

    Hi just bought the Galaxy tab 2 10.1 I have some dowloaded e books in Mobi format but can not see were to put them in the galaxy tab to read with Reader hub book reader When you look at the Galaxy on linked to the pc or usung the file manger you can only see Root / SD card i assume this is...
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    Help O2 Voice mail notification

    Hi I do not use voice mails as it cost to retrieve but some one has left a voice mail on my phone I know what it was about so don't need to retrieve it But a can not get rid of the notification in the pull down notification blind or the top corner. I have tried powering phone down and...
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    Help E-Mail Inbox

    Hi I set my e mail account up and have no problems as I only use it on free wi-fi when out. But just noticed when I recieve mail i can read them but when i go back into mail again the inbox is empty i have tried with 3 messages over a couple of days " Were do they Go " :(
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    Help Text Message Report

    " Happy New Year Everybody" Just a question about Text messaging first time i have sent a large number of text from my Galaxy Ace phone I have all ways had Nokia My problem last Night was How did I know that any message had been sent or recieved On the Nokia if a message was not sent you had a...
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    Off Line Maps Help

    Only just moved over from Nokia to Android >The big thing I regret and miss is Ovi Maps It was a excellent off line gps map software with find and navigate functions Surly there is something Similar for the Android System I have sent all week searching and trying different ones::(:( I will...
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    Help Upgrade to 2.3.5 - how?

    were do you get 2.3.5 iam on 2.3.3 and kies still says latest software is installed !!!
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    Help Text size

    I am new to android as i moved over from Nokia is there any way I can increase the Message text size on incoming text as i could on my Nokia I am struggling to read it as i find it small Thanks for any help