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    Is there any sign before a battery explode?

    Hi, in other words, is it just quite unlikely that even a cheap counterfeit battery will just explode without all these signs?
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    Is there any sign before a battery explode?

    I have heard about battery in smartphones exploded, but I did not study the details. Now, I am going to replace my battery, but since the model is a bit old, there is no way to replace it with the original battery, so chances are I am probably getting a generic battery or even a counterfeit one...
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    How can excel/word file open up faster?

    I don't know. However, from clicking on the file to opening it up completely, it usually takes 5-6 seconds. No one will comment that my files are anything big, it usually contains less than a hundred of lines. They are mostly my daily or monthly record of income and expenses. Or something like...
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    Is there any freeware for editing PDF?

    I have some PDF that I want to edit but it looks like Adobe isn't free for editing. Is there any recommended freeware that will serve the purpose? Thanks for advice.
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    Is it necessary to create a back up before replacing a battery

    After all, life is full of risk. Whether to take risk is sometimes a compromise and personal decision, isn't it? On top of that, my data is important, but it is not really so important that I cannot take risk. I can decide whether to take risk after getting to know how likely someone will make...
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    Is it necessary to create a back up before replacing a battery

    One thing I need to emphasize is that I never disagree that one should back up their data! As a matter of fact, the battery of my phone is so bad that it will just go dead in less than one or two minute when not disconnected to the AC outlet, so this battery has practically died, if not...
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    Is it necessary to create a back up before replacing a battery

    Is soldering work normally involved in replacing cellphone's battery?
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    Some questions about Instagram

    I understand that as long as I actually visit her profile and I do nothing, instagram (and many other social platforms) will have a record of the fact that I once visited her in their log. But my question is if you think they will suggest me to somebody if I only visit them and DO NOT give like...
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    Is it necessary to create a back up before replacing a battery

    How about replacing the battery in Shenzhen, China? Do you think most of them have a sophisticated hand? 同志 For some really personal reasons, I don't want to make backup.
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    Is it necessary to create a back up before replacing a battery

    Hi all, sorry, I have to bump this thread because I'd like to ask again. Yes... Yes... Yes.. I understand that one should always create a backup. But how likely I will lose some or all of the data during the process of replacing the battery? Is there any one button or wire inside the board...
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    Some questions about Instagram

    Does anyone know if I DO NOT follow someone and I DO NOT give "likes" to her post, but I have logged in and kept visiting his/her pages almost every day by searching her ID, without any action. In that case, would the system suggest me to her account in any way? I found the instagram of a girl...
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    Is it necessary to create a back up before replacing a battery

    My battery is failing and warranty has expired for long time so I can only have it replaced in an unofficial shop. Is it necessary to create a back up before letting them replace my battery? COULD it lose everything if they carelessly do something or hit on some parts during the replacement? I...
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    Could a dirty SIM card cause problem to the smartphone

    I, very foolishly, inserted an old and dirty SIM card into my new smartphone that has been used for less a week. I even found that there was something green (like oxidation) on the surface of the SIM card. I'd like to take this chance to ask if the dust, dirt or debris from the surface of a SIM...
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    Do you recommend mini PC?

    I don't play any games. I don't do any power consuming task. I'm looking for a very small PC to put in my small room. Do you recommend a mini PC and where would you recommend buying from? I can see there are a lot sold on Amazon by third party sellers. However, there is no one sold by...
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    What is the possible problem of my desktop PC?

    My desktop PC is put in a very small room, recently, I find that there is strange smell probably coming from the PC, it's like burnt charcoal, besides this, there is no other sign, and my PC still works perfectly. The PSU should be decent because it's by Antec. I took it to a nearby small...
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    How to generate a large number of phone numbers?

    Some people here in my country offers service of helping receiving SMS for verification of different services for those who wants to register as a new member to get coupons and discounts for new members only. They are able to provide a lot of different phone numbers every day and they are not...
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    Do you know about Telegram?

    My friend who works as a full-time programmer said everything you saved or you sent in Telegram are deleted very cleanly without any trace left or any archive saved on anywhere that general users don't know. He highly recommends this as a real secure way of communication. What do you think? Do...
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    How can excel/word file open up faster?

    I'm now using OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and Google Word/Sheet (Web version) but they all have a problem, it takes quite a few seconds (on average 6-7 seconds) to open up and load a file, it's really painful and annoying, especially when I have to deal with a lot of different files every day. I'm...
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    Transfer ALL data from one phone to another?

    Actually, how can it be done? I mean, everything, nothing is missed, including the sms message. Is there any one apps or method that would do it? My old android phone is going to fail because the battery is dying......
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    suddenly think of an interesting question

    suddenly think of an interesting question. It's often said a phone could get damaged when dropped from height. Well, what is actual electronic part that would get damaged by strong impact? From my knowledge many parts in the electronic circuits are well mounted or soldered that should not be...
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    Making backup copies of computer files

    I find that by making copies with copy and paste, the new copy will have its creation date updated to the current time, while modification date is preserved. Is it possible to keep the creation date (and other dates if I am not aware of) preserved as well?
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    cheap wireless Bluetooth earbuds?

    Is the sound quality only difference between cheaper and more expensive wireless Bluetooth earbuds? Will cheaper Bluetooth earbuds release / involve more radiation which is more likely to affect health of user?
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    What can I do to "refresh" my device?

    I have an Android phone that has logged in my account of a certain website (through their apps), my experience is that they will BAN one of the accounts almost instantly if I log in another account with the same device (I forget if the earlier or later account will be banned but one of them must...
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    It's said high voltage will stress battery and wear it out in the long run?

    From a lot of Google search it's undeniable that it's not recommended to charge a phone fully, not even 90%, best between 25% to 75% at all times because high voltage will stress battery and ruin it in the long run. I am wondering, what if someone who can strictly keep the habit of charging and...
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    never drain the battery to 0% or charge to 100%?

    Is it true that the best practice of keeping the health of the battery of a mobile device is never drain it to 0% or charge it to 100%? Is it a confirmed fact or kind of old legend about old type of battery?