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    How to Add Share to Apps?

    One thing I've noticed with this phone vs my old phone (Pixel 2XL) is that my task manager, any.do, doesn't appear on the Share menu. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing it. Does anyone know how to add apps (or delete them) from this menu? I've been looking around the Internet but not...
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    Finally upgraded - to Pixel 7

    Finally upgraded from the best phone I ever owned, the Google Pixel 2 XL, to the Google Pixel 7. Now I need to find a group for it (don't see it here).
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    Buy unlocked or Verizon?

    Should I buy the unlocked or Verizon version, which is $50 more at Best Buy and doesn't come with the $50 gift card? I am upgrading from Pixel 2XL. However, I want to keep my Pixel 2XL to still upload Google photos for free. So if removing the SIM card will stop that, that won't work for me.
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    Upgrade to 4a from 2 XL?

    I've had my Pixel 2 XL for 4 years and it's the best phone I ever had, except not having a headphone jack or Miracast. My work phone is a Samsung, so I make up for it. It may be time for an upgrade though. I've thought of 4a because the Google Photos is still unlimited, and it has a 3.5 mm...
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    Unlocked or Verizon - can I move SIMS?

    Current Pixel 2 XL user and ready to upgrade to 4a. Best Buy offers two options: - Verizon, for $300, but pay Verizon the $40 activation fee - or unlocked for $350, but have to move the SIMS from my current Pixel 2XL to the new phone Even though I've been with Verizon for 16 years, I may...
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    2XL to 4a?

    I have loved my Google Pixel 2 XL. By far the best phone I've had. I did not like my previous phone, the Turbo 2, I did like Droid Maxxx, I liked Bionic, and I the original Motorola Droid was good for me at the time (2010 - 2012). Based on what I've seen of reviews of the 4a, it seems to be...
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    Help Auto-rotate stops working

    I have had my Galaxy Tab S4 for about a year. I love it. One annoying aspect is that just like that, auto rotate stops working until I restart it. Usually stuck in portrait, sometimes in landscape. I always go up and check the settings, and it is still set to Auto-Rotate. I've tried turning it...
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    Help DMX7706S works with old version of Android Auto, not new

    Back in October, I had a Kenwood DMX7706S receiver installed in my wife's car. My wife is a an iOS user so it has worked great for her. On my phone (Google Pixel 2XL) it connects via Bluetooth, but says it has connection problems when I try to hook up the cable. I am running the latest version...
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    Help GPS not always working

    I have a problem where it says it is Searching GPS and then can't seem to find the GPS. Today, I had it for my entire ride to work, and missed hearing about an accident that delayed me 30 minutes. It seems when I restart the phone, it goes away, only to come back later.
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    Playlists not appearing anymore (Castbox, Rocket Player)

    I loved Android Auto when I bought my new car in June 2018. Until a few weeks ago when Android Auto got updated. Suddenly in Rocket Player, when I click on Playlists, nothing happens. Rocket Player says it's an Android Auto thing. Meanwhile Castbox as well, I can't access my Playlist. It just...
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    Help Not always going to TurboCharge

    I've noticed recently that I am hooking it up to the TurboCharger, but then it isn't charging it super fast, and doesn't say TurboCharge. Sometimes tightening cables works, but not always. Any thoughts on how to resolve it, or is the equipment just getting old (charger is 1 year and 9 months...
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    Help How to diagnose phone slowing down

    My phone is getting slower and slower to respond to touches. I'm just waiting sometimes. I don't know what's wrong. Some of you may remember Motorola gave me a new phone in March (vertical line thread). Is there anything I can do to diagnose the cause of this slow phone, short of doing a factory...
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    Vertical line on screen

    I just noticed a vertical line, greenish, about 5 mm from the right edge of the screen. Never seen it before. I havs not dropped my phone or anything recently. Phone is a few weeks shy of a year old and I bought it at Best Buy
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    EDIT - I found my widgets. But my Command Center widget now has a red circle around the time, not sure why. Anyone know how to remove?
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    Help Access filings when connected to PC

    How do I access the files (e.g. File Explorer) when the Droid Turbo 2 is connected to a PC? I connected it with a USB cable, and I see XT1585 on the File Explorer, but it is all blank. I tried click the arrows on it, but nothing.
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    Apps Need help with App (communicating with developer)

    This app (Nutrition GPA) is not allowing me to export my history, even though i have other apps that allow me to export comma-delimited files. I've been in touch the developer and they think it is a problem either specific to my phone (Droid Turbo 2) or Android version (6 v 5.1). The problem is...
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    Help Nutrition GPA App can't export

    This app is not allowing me to export my history, even though i have other apps that allow me to export comma-delimited files. I've been in touch the developer and they think it is a problem either specific to my phone (Droid Turbo 2) or Android version (6 v 5.1). The problem is that when I...
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    No mobile data during phone calla - Motorola Droid Turbo 2

    During phone calls, I get error messages that I don't have mobile data. But I always had in the past on phone calls (unlike my wife who is an iPhone user). How do I stop these messages and problem?
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    Can't get Do Not Disturb to block cslls

    I want to block calls weekdays from 8 - 12 from everyone. Settings are in those pictures, but I am still getting calls.
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    Alternative camera apps to reduce resolution / picture size

    Any recommendations for camera apps that allow one to reduce the resolution / picture size? Not being able to to reduce it on Droid Maxx was a frustration of mine. With Turbo 2, it is even worse. I'm filling up my OneDrive (which reduced sizes) at record rates and I can't e-mail many pics at a...
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    Wifi buzzing too much

    I was running high on data, so I turned my mobile data off. It's the last day of the month, so I've turned it back on. I have a problem that everytime it sees a network, it buzzes. This is especially annoying at work since it sees the guest network that I do NOT want to sign in to. How do I...
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    Help Slight crack in glass

    I just got my Droid Turbo 2, moving up from Droid Maxx, a few weeks ago. I thought the glass was unbreakable. But today I dropped it and I feel like I see a slight crack.
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    Screen has gone black

    I don't know what I was doing today but I hit some buttons and suddenly the screen has gone black. I've been able to turn the phone off, and turn it on, but I have a black screen. I removed the front cover Skinomi screen protecter. I know it is working because I can say "OK Google Now" and...
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    Where is all my data going?

    Finally, I gave up my unlimited Verizon plan. The $20 was more than I could bear for only using about 2.2 GB a month, and I needed the unlimited minutes. So now that I gave it up, my data is using is going through the roof. My month ends on March 20 and I'm already at 3.5 GB (my wife at 1.5 GB...
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    2 years - not the same battery life

    When I first got my Droid Maxx, the battery lasted almost 2 days. Of course, I used it more so the battery would run down quicker. It's now been a little more than two years with my beloved Droid Maxx. At the end of the day, I'm down to 25%. When I look at the apps that use battery power it all...