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  1. J

    1st week with S7. Question on BT and Music

    Hello, I'm finishing my first week with my S7. Came from the iPhone 5s, which I was on for almost 3 years. Before that, a Droid Incredible for 3 years. So happy to be back on Android. So far, everything is going great and I'm really enjoying the phone. The only significant issue I've run...
  2. J

    S3 won't dock to my laptop

    not sure how much action this sub forum gets anymore, but thought I'd try :) I have an old S3 that I'm trying to setup to for my 10 year old. Ultimately I'm going to do a FDR and wipe the phone, but I first want to download the photos. Just plugged it in to my Windows 10 laptop and I'm getting...
  3. J

    Opening the Dialer no longer launches the keypad?

    Hi all, I'm hoping there is setting I haven't found. I had the original Droid Incredible for 4 years; love it, but it finally died. Decided to try the Apple thing and went to a iPhone 5s. Have missed too many things about Android the past 2.5 years, and looking to change back to a S7. My...
  4. J

    System Memory @ 5 gigs. Need to clear it out

    Hi guys, My wife has the S5 and is no longer able to receive email due to storage issues. I went into the Settings > Storage and the Miscellaneous Files is is sitting at 5.62gb. Of that, 5.46gb is showing as System Memory. I'm wondering what exactly this means? Is this memory that is...
  5. J

    Coming from iPhone 5s. Go to Galaxy S5 or S6?

    Hello all, It's been 2 years since I've posted on the boards here. Was an Android guy for many many years. Started with the Droid Eris, and moved to the Droid Incredible. I loved the DI and had it for 4 years till it literally died. Being somewhat enamored with the Apple phenomenon I decided...
  6. J

    [Solved] How do I change Contact association from 'Phone' to 'myaccount@gmail.com'?

    Hello all, I've just spent a solid hour searching old posts and couldn't come up with a solution. My wife has a S3 that needs a factory reset, and I'm backing everything up. It's proving to be a PITA... here's why: Her calendar events and contacts (which have all been entered by her on the...
  7. J

    Help VZ Navigator Force close error on bootup

    Hello all, I'm still using my Inc as my primary phone. She's still working well...for the most part. I'm still stock (not rooted) and have rec'd all OTA updates. Recently though, I've been getting a VZ Navigator Force Close error when I power up the phone. I'm able to click past it, but...
  8. J

    Help How do I stream Pandora from my Inc to my Acura TL?

    Did a search and seeing that others are doing this, but couldn't find anything that said how. I have a 2006 Acura TL. The phone integration (via BT) is working fine. I'd like to now stream Pandora from my phone to the audio system, is this possible? I can see in the Pandora advanced...
  9. J

    Syncing my S3 to my Samsung Plasma TV

    Hello all, I have a 2010 Samsung 58" "smart tv" with internet apps and all the trimmings. It is connected to the same wifi network that our S3 is (the tv model number is PN58C8000). I would really like to stream pics and movies from my wife's S3 to the plasma display. There has to be a way to...
  10. J

    Google Nav setting question

    Is there a way to always have the direction I'm going point to the top of the screen? Nav used to do this a while back and somewhere along the way an upgrade changed it. Makes me crazy to see the pointer going towards the bottom of the screen if I'm headed south. I want the screen to adjust...
  11. J

    Help DI getting REAL hot and quickly losing charge

    Hello all, I did a search on the subject above, but sooo much came up it was daunting. Been on the Forum here for a long time and pretty saavy on with my DI. I'm running 2.3.4 (not rooted). Have had the phone for almost 2 years now and have had NO issues. About a week ago, I noticed that...
  12. J

    Help How do I set the duration for previewing mms pics?

    The pic will only stay up for about 5 seconds. Is there a way to not have a time limit on it?
  13. J

    Help App for making the mouse button "wake up" the DI

    Subject says it all. I have no desire to change the lock screen. Just want to have the phone sitting on my desk and reach over and press the mouse button to wake it up. Does this exist? Thanks!
  14. J

    Root Pretty technical Launcher Pro question

    I'm running xtr with LP Pro. Really like the setup and especially the dock at the bottom from LP. I have Phone, Mail, App Drawer, SMS, and GMail on my dock. I spend 80% of my time there in the Mail app as my Eris is primarily a work device for me, and my company uses Exchange. My...
  15. J

    Root Color notification bar on the DroidX

    A guy at work has the DroidX and I was playing with it today. Nice device. One of the things that looked really cool on it was that it had a color notif bar. All the notif icons were in color (FB, Mail, GMail, SMS, etc). It looks really cool. Any way to get that on a rooted Eris?
  16. J

    Root Just Rooted, and flashed xtr 3.0.3. Couple of questions.

    Hi all, It's pretty late so I'll just get to the point :D 1. When I open the app drawer and select the Calendar, it open just fine. The moment I "touch" a particular day and try to open that, I get a force close. Anybody else had this happen? 2. How do I change the Lock Screen wallpaper...
  17. J

    Root Okay... how impact does Root have on Eris lag, really?

    Hello all, Tons of threads here about root, and I'm reading a lot of them. I'm really considering rooting my phone. I'm a patient person and waiting for 2.1 OTA and the update also came OTA. For the most part, my Eris is pretty trouble free. I haven't suffered from the no ringer bug and some of...
  18. J

    Let's see some "Rooted" UI's

    Subject says it all. I'm considering doing the root thing, yet still have idea what these all these different ROMs look like and what functionality they bring to the table. So... for purposed of this thread, I'd really like to see some pics of your UI and what ROM it is... and why you prefer...
  19. J

    problems using out of office feature on 2.1

    I noticed that 2.1 has a new feature for setting out of office on your Mail. When I select it, I'm getting message that I cant access the Exchange server settings and to try again later. What's strange is that my Mail, Calendar and Contacts are syncing just fine...so I am accessing Exchange...
  20. J

    Voice-to-Text and punctuation

    I did a search and didn't come up with anything... which kinda of surprises me that nobody has opened a thread about this. I got the 2.1 OTA on Friday and have been playing around with this feature all weekend. Very cool stuff. But... it's not capitalizing the first letter of each sentence...
  21. J

    Can I move my 2.1 OTA file to my wife's Eris?

    My wife and I both have the Eris and have stayed on 1.5. I got the 2.1 OTA yesterday morning. I've loaded it and am enjoying it quite a bit. I keep checking her phone as we are on the same contract (she's a second line on my contract), but the 2.1 OTA hasn't come into her phone yet. I was...
  22. J

    BT planttronics headset not connecting to new 2.1 ota.

    Hi all, I just got the 2.1 OTA yesterday morning. I was one 1.5 and it loaded up without issue. A couple of quirky things to work out, but then again, there are so many more setting and functionality with 2.1. The update broke my existing link with my BT headset. So I went in and and set...
  23. J

    How do you move data from Internal Storage to SD Card

    Hello all, My wife has a completely stock 1.5 Eris. She's getting a low storage notification. I looked at the system setting and her internal storage is completely maxed out, but the SD card is 90% available. I've mounted her phone to my laptop and tried moving files around, but nothing is...
  24. J

    How do you all deal with the weak vib on this phone

    Hello all, First of all, I'm a very happy Eris user. I've had the phone since January and have just decided to "put up with" the fact the vibration is too weak. But its starting to get rediculous. I miss calls, texts and emails constantly with this phone! And just yesterday, my Boss actually...
  25. J

    Possible stupid question here, but... are we going to "lose" features with 2.x?

    Haven't been on the board in about 10 days. Been real busy with work and haven't had a chance to pop in here. Just dropped in tonight and WOW... all the 2.1 buzz, and leaked software this and that. Like a soap opera in here :D So here's a question I haven't seen posed yet. Are we going to...