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    Root Pic size on Oxygen

    I have looking at the pictures i took with Leedroid and my stock rom, and when viewing them in landscape they fit the full height and width of the screen. With the Oxygen camera i notice the pics are shorter on the sides, ie there is black space on the left and right sides. Why is this? Why...
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    Help Issues with a bigger SD Card

    I bought a Transcend 16Gb Class 6 sd card for my desire. Because the phone is rooted and running A2SD+ i partitioned is using Gparted: 1st partition 15GB FAT32; second 1GB EXT3 - no swap. Used this in my phone. All was fine for a while. Then i started having apps disappear on me. When i tried...
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    Root Backing up A2SD+ SD Card

    I am running Leedroid 2.2d A2SD+ I just bought a new 16Gb sd card, and want to use this instead of my 4Gb card. How do i go about copying all must stuff from the old card to the new? Considering my apps are now stored to the SD card, can i just copy all the contents of the old sd card to my...
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    Windows 7 phone keyboard - need similar for android

    Anybody seen or read a review of the windows 7 phone keyboard? I read the review below on techradar and am most impressed with the keyboard. I hope we get something similar for android, Microsoft Windows Phone 7 review from TechRadar UK's expert reviews of Operating systems Key highlight for...
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    Root Pro's and Con's of custom roms

    Can anybody provide some pro's and con's to using custom roms like LeeDroid etc. I am not sure i want to use a custom rom or stick to a stock rom.
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    Root Rooted my HTC Desire - now what?

    So i rooted my phone this morning. Used the unrevoked to do this. I am not too technical so i needed an easy way to do this otherwise i might have bricked my phone. Okay so now that i have rooted it i have the following questions: 1) i want to be able to save apps to my sd card (not on froyo...
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    Data usage between Opera Mini and Dolphin HD

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to know if anybody knows which browser between Opera Mini and Dolphin HD uses more data? I know Opera mini does some pre-processing on its own servers so data usage is quite low, but not sure if dolphin does the same. Anybody know? Thanks