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    Mobile Data Keep Alive App

    I have a couple of Samsung Galaxy S9s with an annoying problem. Mobile data will often not work until I toggle airplane mode. Supposedly this causes the phone to find the strongest signal. I checked with Samsung and they suggested many things to try none of which worked. I'm wondering if an app...
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    Help Screen on only with power or home button

    Is there an app or setting that will allow the screen to be turned on only with the home or power button? Mike
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    Bluetooth clicks and pops

    I get clicks and pops listening with bluetooth. I can make them go away for a few days by restarting the device. Is there an easier way? Android 6.0.1
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    How to remove software update notication

    A software update has been pushed on my S5 running 5.1.1. I do not wish to update, is there a way to get rid of the notification? Is there a way to get rid of the update file(s)?
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    Help Android Version on Galaxy S4

    Should I have Android 5 by now? I have a GT-I9505 and it's running 4.4.2. I'm thinking there hasn't been an update since updates come from the carrier and I'm using an AT&T mvno. Mike
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    Help Disable Power On Button

    Is there a way to disable the power on button on the top right side? I would like to still use it for power off but disable power on or at least set the time delay to a higher value. I keep accidentally turning the device on when putting it in my pocket. The button is not needed for power on as...
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    Displaying SMS messages on auto navigation system

    When I connect my Moto G to my auto navigation system via bluetooth, I can receive calls but SMS messages are not displayed. Is there a trick to accomplish it? Mike
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    Duplicating device

    Looking for a way to duplicate an android device to another, the same exact device, completely. Mike
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    Copy email subject text

    Looking for an email app that will let me copy the text of the subject line. Tried "Copy Text", did not seem to work on my phone. Mike
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    Signal Battery Full App

    Looking for an app that will cause an battery charger to turn off. I understand the device will not overcharge but the external charger stays on. With my Apple devices the charger shuts down when the charge is done. Mike
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    Help Fusion 2 (U8665) Wifi

    Even though I have unchecked Wifi in settings, it keeps coming back on whenever I power on. How can I keep it off? Mike